- Ryback, Ziggler and Rowan returned on SmackDown - Rowan actually cut a decent promo, with some in the live chat suggesting

- Former nWo members Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and X-Pac came to the ring - Not much crowd reaction - All three have had drink

With both teams aiming for the top 4, can Spurs achieve finishing above Arsenal for the first time ever?

With fans chanting for "442" and having the same amount of points as last year under (Come on)David Moyes(play like


Be interesting to see what teams, whatever the sport is, members here support. I support Arsenal and the English national

Hope Santa brought you all you want, and if your not already, that you're around loved ones. :)

Just noticed @Metallica has been demoted after months of inactivity. Whilst I didn't get on with him a lot of the tim

2014 Wrestling Forum Member Of The Year!

Big win on WWE Monday Night RAW for The Big Guy going into the Big PPV TLCS this Sunday where The Big Guy will get a Big victory over Kane (who is also Big but not as Big as The Big Guy) in a tables match.


Where does anyone see this storyline going? I actually don't mind the Adam Rose gimmick, you need a "fun" gimmi

Our main event for Survivor Series is the traditional elimination match where if Team Authority loses, they will no longer be

I know the year isn't over yet but since the start of 2014 (or from whenever the wrester first appeared) who has your opi

Was a good run

Was it the number of title reigns? Matches? Whatever the reason, who was/is your favourite tag team? Mine were _The Brothe

Nah just kidding


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