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Feb 8, 12 3:58pm

Now we're not sure about you guys, but when we saw that sexy Space Core in Skyrim, we immediately wondered if...

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Feb 7, 12 5:07pm

Bethesda and Valve have teamed up to celebrate today's release of the Skyrim Creation Kit and Workshop by...

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Feb 6, 12 6:19pm

You know what's fun? Developing theories. But I'm currently out of theories. What a shame. I guess I'll just have to type in this text box. I had an idea to get all my cores and spheres together and have them talk on here at some point. Since you all seem to love them so much.

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Feb 2, 12 6:13pm

The Elder Scrolls V main theme is certainly an iconic piece of gaming music, and a few talented fans took it upon...

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Jan 29, 12 11:51am

Time for weekly blog post!

In today's post, we're going to discuss Choosing a Good Test Subject.

To choose a good test subject, they must have several traits.

• Lack of the following personality flaws
- Cowardice
- Impaired motor skills
- Poor judgement
- Fear of:
o heights
o weights
o depths
o bullets
o fire
• Lack of or extremely low tenacity
• Lack of any mental or physical disorders (unless for specialized testing)
• Lack of superpowers or mutations
• Between the age of 15 and 35 (this may vary for non-human species).

Test subjects under the prior requirements are good for a standard testing environment. These test subjects will not develop schizophrenic traits, nor will they leave the testing area or attempt to kill you. By following these requirements for a test subject, you can have a safe, successful, and scientific test.

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Jan 22, 12 10:33am

I've come to the decision to use this blog for something besides advertising my writings. What that something is, I don't know. We'll find out.

Oct 10, 11 8:20pm
'Remember: If you can dream it, you can--' Oh, for God's sake.
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Sep 23, 11 7:53pm

Read here.

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Sep 21, 11 5:13am
Citizen reminder: inaction is conspiracy, report counter behavior to a civil protection team immediately.
Sep 18, 11 1:19am
Sep 18, 11 1:10am
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Aug 13, 11 9:54pm

New story out.

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Jul 6, 11 3:22pm

Edited it to fit in more with the official story line recently given via Lab Rat.


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Jun 9, 11 6:11pm
Your failing does not make this science.

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