Im Beat thats my name It's a coinsidince that my name is the same name as Beat in Jet Grind Radio, I like Roller Blading Im 16/m/Ny, I have a Brother and Sister, and umm, I like food


MY FAVORITE GAMES Games are: Grand Theft Auto 2, Breath of Fire 4, Evolution: world of sacred device, Jet Grind Radio, and WWF NO MERCY... MY HOBBIES: Roller Blading, Roller Blading, Roller Blading, Video games, Muzic


You Live By The Sword You Die By The Sword..** ***** Gasto *****
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Review: Suikoden II - Great Game =)

Dec 3, 2001

I've played 1 & 2 and they both were perfect!! =)

Beat Gasto

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