Just passing through...

thanks again for the avatur of Jeff Hardy that you made me i like it so much thanks again for it

also i'd give you a stamp but i dont have one
Just popping in to say thanks for the bannaer you made for me about Abyss. When i requested it i had never expected a cartonn picture of Abyss, but it works damn well. Thanks again!
I dont know why you keep flaming me but i thought i'd be nice and sign your guestbook, i hope you change your mind about me being a dumb ass, hope this sign helps!
i know how to stamp now so here its is dsldkdslkdlsd sorry had to do that coz of da stupid 125 characters
thnx for the banner and avatar i wold stamp you but i dont know how 2 work it yet lol any way i will stamp you once i know how 2 do it

Thanks for signing my guestbook. Sorry I couldn't sign back sooner. See ya around.^^
thnx 4 making me the banner even tho you aint done it yet lol sorry dont have a stamp dunno how to get 1 thnx anyway and i leave you to make the banner
I just wanna say Hi man!!!

im just signing loads of peoples Guestbooks from the San Andreas forum!!

anyway im a big wrestling fan as well man!!!

and i noticed 1 wrestler missing from your top 10 : Chris Benoit hes class, nobody escapes the crossface!!!
In return for my banner, here's a stamp.

Thanks! {Stupid 125 character limit}
HI MAN. Thankyou very much for making me that banner of jeff hardy.very much appreciated.
I don't have a stamp so i'll do this.

thanks for the banner you made, looks great,
nice pics and greatly made, you are one good graphics maker. If you havent already you should enter the header competition, you're gonna be in with a shout if ya do so hey....... good luck
Thanks man for making me a banner. You were a lot of help. I'll see you around the forums!

sup man just whant to say hi u got stamp by a punk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey thanks a ton for the Jericho banner, its awesome work man. I wasnt sure if anyone would do it but thanks alot for reading my post and taking time to out to make it for me. Appreciate it loads, thanks again!!
gracias for the banner/avatar

sorry for the delay, been busy.

just to clear up misunderstanding

i like it, just wouldn't mind other options on top of it.

Thanks anyway
thanks for the banner dude

oh the banner looks great

Thanks for doing me the Batista rp thing, exactly what I was looking for, also I've seen you around and your pritty cool and helpful, I havn't got a stamp at the moment.
JPEG Image.

i don't how exactly give you these pics so this i think theway you can post them writing to my self.ok but this is still the spi i will find a way to find a way to contact you but you will have to give me back my pm.
you don't know who i am but just a spi here is a picture that i took before i got fired from area 69 but this is threr new project http://www.netzwelt.de/gallery/picture/rennspielmods-kostenlos-den-fuhrpark-erweitern/02_gta_sa_alien_dropship_marines.jpg
Flying cows always help you get to sleep

dammit that minimum characters thingy...um...i guess this is enough now
Hehe, seems like you're popular now, eh? Last time I checked you had only three signings. Well, I just want to say that you're an awesome guy, and I wanted to show my appreciation, so here's a signing. Enjoy!

Thanks for the Avatar and Soon to Be Banner

Do you think you know my other account?, Take a Guess and get a New Stamp for your GB
Yo thanks alot for that Mr. kennedy style banner dude,

Rosco wwe


yo thanks dude for the Rp balls mahony thing for the Dragon ball Z thing i cant have it its to big sorry here

sighn back if you can!!!