Ace to ace

worth trusted
Honest and fast trader. Very reliable and trade went smoothly. Recommended trader
Willing to negotiate and trade went smoothly! Thumbs up and thanks for the VM!
Was willing to negotiate and trade went smoothly! Thumbs up! Thanks for the VM!
Traded ace nix with fast nix+int domi

Trusted & reliable without using a middle man !
Legit and trustworthy trader
Really recommend
Traded Fujin with Al Ifrit..

Trusted & reliable without using a middle man !
5* for 5* trade is very smooth!
trustworthy, fast

trade ace for ace
He is trustworth trader
Asked me to hold a card for him so he could get money trans across, kept his word and bought my card.


One of smoothest traders I've had
i gift him first and he gift to me. good trader ^^
Honest trader, delivers what he promises!!!!!! Trade with him if you get a chance. Won't regret it! I PROMISE!
Will definitely trade with him again!
reliable and honest
Trustworthy trader, i trade with him and everything went smooth
This guy gifted without hesitation for me to confirm the types and put absolute trust in me. The trade worked out perfectly
An honest trader, just made my huge trade with him without a middle man... Trustable
Traded my lvl 52 Powerful Titan with Midnight Stone for his Max Level Chaotic Aspara. Fast & efficient. Recommended Trader.
I MM'd for his trade of 2 aces for 4 fast type 5*'s
good trade no problems
Traded 5* for 5*
Types, skills and levels are all correct!
Two thumbs up! ^.^
Cash and card transaction, all smooth. Mongo approved