Noble401 GC12ef1ecT
Nov 30, 12 1:22am
good, thrust boy
buki GC12ef1ecT
Nov 26, 12 7:13pm
Ace to ace

worth trusted
Raienyu GC12ef1ecT
Nov 25, 12 1:39am
Honest and fast trader. Very reliable and trade went smoothly. Recommended trader
Kraark555 GC12ef1ecT
Nov 23, 12 10:12pm
good trader
prome2 GC12ef1ecT
Nov 23, 12 8:05pm
Willing to negotiate and trade went smoothly! Thumbs up and thanks for the VM!
prome2 GC12ef1ecT
Nov 23, 12 7:58pm
Was willing to negotiate and trade went smoothly! Thumbs up! Thanks for the VM!
Fastdom GC12ef1ecT
Nov 21, 12 6:35pm
Traded ace nix with fast nix+int domi

Trusted & reliable without using a middle man !
Bee GC12ef1ecT
Nov 20, 12 6:32am
Legit and trustworthy trader
Really recommend
ordinary18 GC12ef1ecT
Nov 13, 12 8:33pm
Traded Fujin with Al Ifrit..

Trusted & reliable without using a middle man !
Ashtar GC12ef1ecT
Nov 12, 12 3:53am
5* for 5* trade is very smooth!
zzilch GC12ef1ecT
Nov 9, 12 8:22pm
trustworthy, fast

trade ace for ace
hatetomato GC12ef1ecT
Nov 9, 12 5:07am
He is trustworth trader
TheCity GC12ef1ecT
Nov 8, 12 3:24pm
Asked me to hold a card for him so he could get money trans across, kept his word and bought my card.


One of smoothest traders I've had
wingy GC12ef1ecT
Nov 4, 12 7:29pm
i gift him first and he gift to me. good trader ^^
Lynnderella GC12ef1ecT
Oct 31, 12 9:58pm
Honest trader, delivers what he promises!!!!!! Trade with him if you get a chance. Won't regret it! I PROMISE!
kitsuneorange GC12ef1ecT
Oct 31, 12 10:13am
Will definitely trade with him again!
Candieass GC12ef1ecT
Oct 28, 12 7:45pm
reliable and honest
sut3kid4n3 GC12ef1ecT
Oct 26, 12 4:53am
Trustworthy trader, i trade with him and everything went smooth
Vexation GC12ef1ecT
Oct 25, 12 3:32pm
This guy gifted without hesitation for me to confirm the types and put absolute trust in me. The trade worked out perfectly
Xiao Ben GC12ef1ecT
Oct 23, 12 9:26am
An honest trader, just made my huge trade with him without a middle man... Trustable
jerthew GC12ef1ecT
Oct 23, 12 2:15am
Traded my lvl 52 Powerful Titan with Midnight Stone for his Max Level Chaotic Aspara. Fast & efficient. Recommended Trader.
lavelazquez94 GC12ef1ecT
Oct 22, 12 4:16pm
I MM'd for his trade of 2 aces for 4 fast type 5*'s
good trade no problems
StingRay GC12ef1ecT
Oct 19, 12 4:34am
Traded 5* for 5*
Types, skills and levels are all correct!
Two thumbs up! ^.^
Mongo8 GC12ef1ecT
Oct 8, 12 10:22am
Cash and card transaction, all smooth. Mongo approved