is dead. Not big surprise.
I feel like deleting everything in my gallery. Just looking at all of it makes me cringe...who am I talking to again?
Don't read German textbooks D:
Break me down until I am nothing why don't you.
's Animal Crossing WiFi is back online...I think. :)
misses playing Animal Crossing online. -_-
can't play Animal Crossing because it keeps resetting everytime I join someone.
can't wait to get Metroid: Other M. ^_^
doesn't get why everyone hates him. ;(
can't wait to go back to school because Summer was absolute poo.
hates 30 days of photo-uploading prevention because he can't post AC times of fun on NeoSeeker. :#
I find NeoSeeker so confusing. :S i don't even know WHY I bother to join up. >:( I'm not even wanted. :*(
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