Just being polite, for you are very helpful.
Hi, Fyrestorm. I trying to create my AC as I wait for an opening in your game, but I have some questions.

- I have never played "Silent Line", but AC4, ACAnswer and Nine Breaker so I get what it is about. But can I have a mecha which look like this (but change the weapons)

- I have played RPG (and love it) but never played RP. So I just wonder, do you think that you can explain how to do it? I mean, I read the other players reply and all of them decide what the other persons answer. I just don't get it.

Well, I guess that's it...I hope I don't bother you to much with my questions but I do love to join a AC RP ^^

Thanks in advance


Well just as I said I'm signing your Guestbook. And cheers to your birthday mate, hope you have a good one.

Hey Fyre. Just signing your GB cause your really cool bruh. Kinda think of you like a big brother ya know. Anyway check out this cool sig

See ya around
Fyre, I strongly suggest that you look in your inbox....

You will definitely see why....
Anyway, I hope to see you around!

The Irony of my previous signing in your guestbook is not lost on me...Anyway keep up the good work on Open Mic you little pillock, and don't let the inevitable bitching about decisions get you down. I'm trying to work out which one of Shogun Assassins I was in that picture. I'm hoping Dante, because the ninja looks quite gay in a Voldo sort of manner.

You've just been stamped..


Besides that, I just wanna say that I appreciate all that you do for me. Talkin' to me and stuff, tellin' me about things; voting on my battles. Haha.

Anyway, it's been nice knowing you. I hope we keep it touch.
Hey fiya buddy thanks for the inspirational talk we had on writing it helped me get my mojo back yeah baby yeah LOL. Your the coolest sweetest person on this whole damn site hell..this world ^_~.and if anyone says different i'll whip their punk asses with a butter knife..damn right..a butter knife LOL.
I really like your thread, so as a thanks, I'm gonna sign your guestbook. Ooops! I don't have a stamp now, so at the moment, live your life on neoseeker.
Truly, I couldn't ask for a better slave master. ^-^ I didn't have much tasks, but when I did they were pretty interesting. (: I really enjoyed being your slave for the week. ^-^

I signed your Gbook like commanded. xD I have no colorful thoughts at the moment. I just woke up from a really weird dream. =D Hehe, ttyl. ^-^
Hey Fyre. Thought I'd tag your guestbook. Really been enjoying the RP'ing lately.

See ya' around the garage.

You mean the world to me, Tiger.
To my beloved Kali,
Hurting you was such a mistake.
The last thing I'd ever want,
Is to upset my darling Rake.

You're my world,
My one and only.
Without you,
I'd be cold and lonely.

If you could only,
See my face.
You'd know I feel,
Like such a disgrace.

I'm down on my knees,
I'm begging to you.
Please find it in your heart,
To do what's true.

All your pain,
I wish was mine.
So please forgive me,
For this crime.

Wicked posts & a Neopal. That means I have to sign.

Hello do you want to chat? Because i am soooo bored i bet you are aswell! i am 11/f/england please i am soooo bored my name is sinead!
Whatup son, just here to pay my respects to you.

Holla back, ~1~.
Here you go! Thought I'd be nice, pop in and sign your gb. Hope you like the stamp. It's nothing big, but...here. ^^

Hope you like it. ^^ I know it's kind of girly. LOL XD But anyway...

*pets Zone* ^^

From the one and the only 5% Demon Lover
Your doomed. So, dance teh night awayz!

When will you finally sign me back?
I mean, you owe me a lot of money as it is!

And the guy below me is gonna cut himself if you dont sign people back!
I'm on a signing spree. Sign back or I'll have to cut myself.

Thanks for the comments, I am signing your guestbook back, uhm, i wish I had more to say but I dont. I think this about covers the 125 character minimum
Just here to pay respect/leave some love/kiss some ass etc. Whatever you think applies to you.

Nothing personal, hahah.
Ž · I really don't like signing guestbooks, probably been 1 year since I signed to any guestbook...

Anyways, you've been a nice person, at least you respect somewhat of my skills, although I gotta admit that my bragging has been too much.

Signed your guestbook 'cause you're a nice person to talk to. To the very least, you give good reasons on every judgement you make.

Yeah, it's the game conqueror signing your guestbook...

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