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Feb 1, 09 1:05am

So a little background on the situation, All six of us (Me, Newman, Wilko, Mains, Ross and Aiden) used to hang around a lot, then we kicked Aiden out of our "gang" we make fun of him call him stuff y'know. Anyway everyone ,except me, turns on Newman and I like Newman. Newman leaves and I join him but for some reason Aiden joins back up with the others and now when we see them they call us queers and such.

Anyway today I was in town with my other mate Ash, I'm walking along (Ash is left behind) I turn around to look for Ash and I see Wilko, Ross and Aiden. Ash has nothing against them and calls me over, I turn around and carry on walking. Aiden then runs up and trys to knick my hat and I call him a *bleep*ing queer-ass. He then came up to me asking for a fight I except ready to break his nose when Ash intervenes and splits it up. Aiden then throwing his mouth off at Ash I decide to make it worse by taking the mick of the fact that next year at school he wants to do Psychology and you need Bs and above, I mean WTF he's barely getting Ds how the *bleep* is he going to pull that off!. Me and Ash then go into McDonald's and Aiden storms off.

I'm actually regretting my decision about not breaking his nose, I would have taught him a lesson! Anyway I think I'm calm.

What are your thoughts?

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Jan 13, 09 2:51am

Well being bored on Neo' is a sign that I need to write a Blog. So I thought "Not one major thing has happened for me to report about so I'll compact them into this one Blog"

Friends. Well, I'm in a bit of a weird situation at the moment with my mate. He fancies this girl that we hang around with but barely talks to her, not even on MSN. I on the other hand also like her but talk to her IRL and on MSN. I don't know weather to actually go for it and ask her out hurting my mate or lose the only girl I have a chance with. We also hang with another girl who got asked out today! (it doesn't happen often) She turned him down. So me and my mate decided to take this opitunity to annoy her (it was a slow day). So we start with stuff like "he's handsome, go for it" and "Once you've had black there's no going back". She didn't respond so we went with the "He's depressed now. He's going to cut himself later". This got to her, We got a massive lecture about certain events in her sisters life that we didn't know about. Oops.

School. At school its awkward because I flirt with a certain girl during break and lunch but it hasn't effect me and my mate too much. we still chat and quote "Family Guy" and "TFS Dragonball Z Abridged Parody 1-7" (look it up on youtube its brilliant!). Apart from that there's the lessons, not much there just mock exam results, My English teacher hates me, Getting in trouble for not doing my work in IT all that stuff.

Home. Well the only news is that today when I turned on my 360 I had the Red Ring of Death! But all is well, my mum is taking it back to game and getting it fixed or replaced. I'll hopefully live without it for a little while.

Thanks for reading, please comment I would like it when I get feed back.


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Jan 5, 09 6:16am

This is my first blog, Hell yeah!, but I don't know what to write/type about so I'll talk/type about my winter holiday (since its the last day). Not much happened up to Christmas day I just layed about watched TV, slept, thinking about when I'll start revising for my exams.

On Christmas day I got bugger all at the start. Then after my parents had opened all their presents they brought down two large boxes! One for me, one for my brother. They were Laptops! To be honest I wasn't that happy I was looking forward to getting a 360. Then we go to visit my Grans and Uncle. I got cash, a beanie hat and an atom puzzle.

Boxing day I actually told my mum I would have preferred a 360 to my new laptop since we're not the richest family it would have been cheaper and I would have played it every day. With all my Christmas cash and saved money I decided to make a deal with my parents, I pay them what I've got (£110) and I pay them what I owe them weekly with my paper round money. It worked! and on the 31st I got a 360 bundle with Gears of War, Gears of War 2 and Far Cry 2.

Nothing much (Just playing my new 360) until the 2nd which was my mates Birthday and he invited me, my best mate, a black kid, an arsehole, a girl, a chav and a homosexual (It was mayhem, yet Hilariously funny). We had beer, 360, porn and a lot of American pie films. It was a brilliant afternoon.

Well that is it for my first blog. Hopefully I'll do more in the near future and Please comment, I like feed back.


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