I am on a mission to sign everyone on neo's guestbook. I am doing this in hopes you will sign back.

You are sing #14 in the mission
I have noticed that I have not been very socially active with my friends, I am quiet and shy, and I'm afraid I might say something stupid.

So I've decided the least I can do for you is sign your guestbook.

~Yoshi Egg~

Made by Trojanman

Ohi Jorge. blahblahjr > Fusion.
Its me Shadow Kirby I'm back. Just saying hi thats all. if you don't remember me, I was the guy the same age as you..who had a long ban lol.
UGH, I planned on sending these out on Christmas but I just couldn't wait any longer XD

Wtf, how did a nub become a mod.


XD Haha. Merry Christmas dude 8D and don't worry, when Austin gets back I'll make him give us congratulatory seckz.


Hey! You're an awesome guy and ongrats and the Modship buddy

From your beloved friend, Charizardtrainer, The Fire Lord
Hi I know we have had some bad times but i really want to be your friend.


Now, remember, if you forget mine, I'll kill you in your sleep.

You know you're GHII shit and that's something to be proud of.
Hey Jorgie. Stop Giving Head and you're underaged, so no drinking!

Made by Fran_17.
You're interesting to talk to, but I must admit that your old avatar was better.

Generic guestbook stamping compliment!
sorry i havent signed your gbook yet been to busy talking to well.... YOU! just wanted to say that youre the gr8est and you gotta PM me everyday!!!!!!!! i might not be on some nights though 0_0 youre still the best anyways!!!!!

That enough?
Just going around signing G'books for my friends. You didn't think you would escape me did you?

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Stamped!!


Well see ya around!!
Hey! It's always fun to talk to you, and your msn needs to work better (it seems to have improved though)! You're awesome Jorge! =D

<3 Lindsey

Made a new stamp. Another Rainbow Six Vegas one. Hopefully better than my last because my last one sucks serious ass.
I haven't stamped in a while, so I'm gonna give you my newest stamp. You're the second to recieve it. Congratulations.

Sorry my stamp took so long.

Haven't talked to you lately. Maybe I'll see you on MSN one day.



Catch ya later~
I love all my nublets, so I thought I would go and sign your guestbooks. Aren't I just a sweet angel? You better say yes to that. Actually, you should tell me how great I am right now becacuse I said. Well, because I am the shit. XD XD XD Nah, seriously, I love you guys to pieces. You are way too cool for words.

<3 Lindsey

Sign back please =D
Thank you for signing my guestbook, I really think your are a kind, talkative, and random guy, that is also why I'm signing your guestbook and I'll add you to my friend list asap, I'll also add you to my biography of neofriends on my profile page so everyone will your name asap too, so... I'll see you soon...

Yoshi Egg.

P.S. Was that message long enough? o_0
Hey Jorge! It's been a while since I've signed your GB, so I'm doing it again!

Hey, well we've become great neo-friends and I hope it stays that way for a long time! Thanks for always talking to me and stuff, you're a great person.

Well, that's all I've got to say! Talk to you on MSM!

♥ Later, ♥
Hey, I thought I already signed. Whatever, it must not have showed up. I'll re-sign. Here are my three stamps (that's right, you get three from me. Don't you feel special)
Normal Stamp:

Inverted Stamp:

Starter's Stamp:

Sorry I haven't been on MSN a lot. It won't give me the confirmation e-mail and I forget my password. I'll try to get on at my dad's house where I originally signed up but I'm not sure if it will work.

This also counts for your New Years stamp, because I'm a cheap bastard.
Figured I'd sign yours up, for one you signed mine, and for two your a cool guy. I see you like writing rhymes, that's cool, I like writing songs too, it's fun. I've made a few, I should have u check 'em out sometime. As for now, u been signed by

J~Fro 888

Merry XMAS!