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Aug 9, 10 6:41am

I'm not shy, I'm introverted, and it's your fault!

Alright, first I'd just like to say this is my first blog post to have existed on any website. I'm not typically one to share their thoughts and activities with the world. I loathe it when people post something as pointless as "I'm going to take a shower" on sites such as Facebook. Not only do I not care that you are going to take a shower, the fact that you thought it was even worth posting puzzles me to the point that I think that the future of humanity is completely hopeless. Really, I honestly think anyone who bothers to read or create a blog simply about their dreadfully boring and ordinary life must be out of their mind. The typical expectations of the average Facebook post has made be reluctant to stoop down to such standards, and as such I simply don't partake in such matters.

However, I do like a more professional-style place where you can ramble on about your thoughts, which is what I plan to do here. I enjoy reading and expressing my opinions on certain topics and comparing them to others, as sort of a differential diagnosis on my own personal behavioral condition. By writing my thoughts, I feel I can discover myself. I do the same thing within my own mind. I think heavily on subjects and my feelings towards them, and I actually enjoy myself why doing so. However, I feel a more physical approach may solidify my thoughts, which is why I'll try this whole "blog" thing. That being said, this is more for my own sake rather than anyone else's enjoyment, but of course I would love for others to be able to enjoy it.

All of this brings me to the first topic which I would like to discuss: introversion. I openly admit myself to being an introvert, and I'm more or less proud of it (or, you know, it works for me at least). This does not mean I'm shy, without friends, or boring. However, people I meet in real-life commonly mistake me to be one of these things.

First of all, shyness is the fear of socializing. I am not afraid to socialize, it simply doesn't interest me most of the time. The reason why, I will get to later on.

Second, I am definitely not without friends. I probably have 20 or so friends I would call close, and many more peers I occasionally talk to. I'm not sure how this compares to most people, but I've been more than satisfied with my relationships throughout my life. However, when I attended my high school (I've recently graduated) of around 2000 kids, I wasn't always in a class with someone I considered a friend. When I would sit in a classroom and quietly do my work, this would often lead people to believe I was either shy or without friends. There was small amount of occasions where someone who hardly knew me would ask why I hardly ever talked, and while my truthful response would have been something like "you all completely bore me with your dimwitted intellect and stereotypical teenage interests", I would usually go with something like "Uhhh... I guess I'm here to learn and not talk?".

Third, I believe "boring" to be a relative term. This is sort of my main point about why I think other people cause me to be introverted. Simply put, I find my own mind to be far more interesting than a typical member of my age group. I'm not sure if this is common practice, but sometimes I even have debates from different viewpoints from within my head on topics I actually find interesting. Because of this, I find my own mind to be much more intriguing than the typical teenage jarble about meaningless high school social drama issues. I may seem boring relative to your viewpoint, but shit, to me, I'm one of the only interesting people in the world.

So what kind of friends do I possess exactly then? All my friends carry similar interests as I do, and they are all very humorous. I may be able to do a lot with my mind, but only close friends can inspire humor and good times out of each other.

However, most people still bore me completely. That includes you. If you weren't so damn boring, maybe I wouldn't find myself so godlike interesting. Maybe then I wouldn't be an introvert. But, that will never happen of course.

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i love you.

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