Sephiroth35 Funny13ones
Jul 5, 13 10:38pm
i bought 700hp from this guy and it went smooth as heck! looking forward to also buying up some accounts as well in the future
Siyana Talador Funny13ones
Mar 24, 13 9:57am
Will definitely purchase from him again in future.
koj813 Funny13ones
Mar 23, 13 3:00pm
All the processes were done within 1 min! Fast and trustworthy! Vouch!
DudeDaDude Funny13ones
Mar 16, 13 6:28pm
I told him i wanted to buy it now and he was ready before i was. Ill def be back using his service again
Lographel Funny13ones
Mar 14, 13 10:29pm
Fast buyer. Purchases things at reasonable prices. Safe. Will definitely do further business with him.
MrWonderful Funny13ones
Mar 14, 13 8:03pm
great seller, fast and easy transaction. A+
LaliDadi Funny13ones
Feb 16, 13 1:30pm
Fast and serious about business. Received immediate payment!
kinggrux Funny13ones
Jan 20, 13 9:32am
Smooth communication and fast. Genuine buyer!

Looking forward to dealing with you again
ROBsupplier Funny13ones
Dec 18, 12 7:23pm
Fast and smooth transaction. Great buyer and good payment. Hope we can have more business in future.
anony-mouse Funny13ones
Dec 9, 12 12:21pm
Great buyer, fast payment, would be happy to deal with this buyer again
RoBRUs Funny13ones
Oct 20, 12 4:38pm
made payment with no problems