hello i am friends with abe, the mudokon. i have rescued 100 mudokons from rupturefarms, abe only rescued 99. later that year, abe met munch, an inlarged @$$hole. while i went to slig barracks to play "resident evil 99" abe and munch found the last can of gabbiar... i cooked them for dinner. then munch asked for some, and said about how many gabbits i just ate. so i legged it. and i went to slig barracks again to play "resident evil 98" but abe came along. he tried to rescue the livid mudokons but i saved them first. we chatted yet shooting sligs at the same time. munch kept pausing the game so we shot him aswell... he lost his only leg, the poor fággót. we couldn't find a hospital, so we sent him to vykkers labs. we expected him to get better, but he had a lung removal. bástérds. abe wanted to be the mudokon variety bucket, and wanted to go to rupturefarms. i told him we destroyed it, and he písséd himself. the foul language abe was saying, like pusseywusseys. eventually, we got a laptop for abe, a lifetime supply of cigars for me, a girlfriend for me, a mansion for me, mollucks wallet+passport for me, and a free play of resident evil 97 for me. abe got jealous, really jealous, so i gave him a fake wallet, a forged passport, a hóókér mudokon, a carbon monoxide cigar and a piracy copy of resident evil 97. so i played neg's urban sprinting, with an abe mask on. they chased me to the millionaire mansion and saw all of abes stuff. boy neg gives me fun times... TO BE CONTINUED