Jul 22, 16 12:33pm
Love? What is love? There's many kinds of love. Family love. Friend love. Spouse love. Significant other love. What is the difference?
Fuhong shared a link from vocaroo.com
Jul 21, 16 8:46pm
[link]http://vocaroo.com/i/s0Y097M1u3ZI[/link] Unfortunately, I cant get any louder for some odd reason. My voice wants to stay soft...
Jul 18, 16 3:29pm
Hmm, I'm never on that often. Maybe I should make a big riot! That's sounds like fun! ... Sorry, hyper. Very hyper! Wide-eyed hyper!
Jul 18, 16 11:53am
My mom visited me and I got to spend time with her! I got lots of cute clothing and a video game, of course. I love her sooo much!
Jun 25, 16 12:44pm
"Cause you've been hurt before, i can see it in your eyes. You try to smile it away, some things you cant disguise."
May 30, 16 5:55pm
I miss Kirby Air Ride Gamecube. Why Nintendo, why no remake on Wii U? ;-; I love destroying their rides and stealing their items. :p
May 29, 16 2:20pm
My 3DS XL screen broke and the touch screen doesn't work.... Eh, oh well. I'm getting the new 3DS for Christmas and Birthday. :p
May 25, 16 9:53pm
I'm a much happier person than I was last year. Therapy helps a lot. Now, I can joke and have fun with my Neo-friends who I love so much! <3
May 25, 16 4:28pm
Got my new laptop! It's wonderful!!!! <3
May 12, 16 4:33pm
I got new clothes from my mom. They're cute! Also, I'm getting my new laptop on Monday, so excited!! :3
May 03, 16 12:25pm
My greatest enemy is myself. Who else feels that way?
Apr 30, 16 5:34pm
The only reason i haven't been on often is because i don't have a laptop anymore but i will be now. The Terror has returned. Mwhahha
Apr 29, 16 11:59am
I'm getting a new laptop after my other broke down before i totally trashed it myself. Seriously, i damaged it beyond repair. XD
Apr 10, 16 6:26pm
Hey, im finally getting therapy. I can finally stop having massive mood swings or at least control them. That way I'll stop hurting people
Apr 03, 16 2:31pm
"I'm human, too. I have feelings... Why can't they see that? I'm only human..." Help those who can't.
Feb 22, 16 5:21am
Don't you wish you could go back to the days where you were innocent and your family wasn't falling apart.
Jan 14, 16 8:34pm
I have the best family in the world but sometimes I'm just so damn lonely!
Nov 20, 15 3:50am
Let me just say.... that this is by FAR the most WONDERFUL PMD series I have played! :)
Nov 19, 15 4:25pm
Precisely 2 hours and 35 minutes until I get to play.
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