Getting layers in my hair tomorrow, won't get highlights, they won't stay for even a week, found that out,
Hey, guess what? I started smoking. XD
How could this man I thought I knew Turn out to be unjust so cruel? Could only see the good in you Pretended not to see the truth

"It makes me that much stronger, makes me work a little harder, it makes me that much wiser, so thanks for making me a fighter."

Damn, I'm falling hard for him. Really hard. What is with me? I hate it.

"I keep bleeding, keep, keep, bleeding love. I keep, keep, bleeding love."
I'll be what you say "dooming myself in a date site", goodbye. I'll be online but I will not do anything on here, not today. Not tomorrow.
I'd like to be left alone. That means no notifications and no PMs if you intend to send them.
"I'm a bad ass jumping off the moving train, I'm a wild card and I'm going to steal your game. You better watch out." ~Demi
It's my life. I'll live the way I want to. If I get hurt, then maybe it's for the best. I've been hurt before and I'm still alive physically
Listening to some cheerful pop music, heavens know I need it.
Now I got a freaking migraine! I need to listen to some 3DG...
God people! This is probably the least dramatic thing I've done, no need to freak out! I'm fine, I'm safe, my dad's got a gun just in case.
Annnd the anxiety starts anew. -.-
I won't be posting or being on here that much anymore.

Sooooo good. Just listen! They're amazing! I got pretty tired of the original artists, something fresh is nice every once in a while.

Who knew talented dancers were so entertaining!
He doesn't believe me when I said that I haven't kissed anyone yet. Well, it's true. 16, almost 17 and never been kissed or been on a date.
I'm glad I'm getting over HIM. I found someone who likes me and I like him, he also lives in OK. I'm not even sad anymore! I feel happy!
I developed feelings for him and he likes me back! He's so sweet!!!
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