Pokemon Girl Frozen Atari
Mar 26, 05 5:54am
You signed mine so I decided to sign yours.
I have no idea what you where talking about but oh well... lol well see ya around maybe...
abceasyas1234 Frozen Atari
Mar 25, 05 7:30am
Hi you signed my guest book, so I'm returning the favor. I don't really know you , but since you said it about me I'll say it about you: yuo totally rick out loud, really, really, really loud!

P.S. Is there any way you can send me your icon. If you can thanks
Homunculus Lover Frozen Atari
Mar 6, 05 2:45pm
Heh heh. Hello there. I thought I'd sign your guest book seeing as you were so nice to me when I first came to the disgaea forum.

So thank you and hope to see you around.

from the one and the only 5% sane Homunculus lover.
DQ Maniac Frozen Atari
Feb 13, 05 1:28am
Here ya go, have a stamp, a beautiful stamp!

Vorpal_Sima Yi Frozen Atari
Oct 5, 04 8:23am
Yeah-Just wanna be mates-So i sign your GuestBook!!!

Anyways-If you wanna return a favour just click the Link Below!!~
mortuus Frozen Atari
Sep 29, 04 12:11pm
i realized i haven't signed your book yet. thanks for all the help and communication at the disgaea forum. see ya.

show me your soul...(that is, if you want to.)
DarkRue_Cloud Frozen Atari
Jul 21, 04 3:40am
I never signed your Guestbook???
Now I feel bad, but don't worry, now Im here

Peace, thanks for helping answering alot of the Questions in Disgaea.

Onikage Frozen Atari
Jul 15, 04 2:52am
Here you go, a nice stamp for you *scribbles* and there's the signature

See you arounbd the Disgaea forums sometime... maybe... I don't know X_x

The Duckie Frozen Atari
Jul 7, 04 10:24pm
hiya there frozen atari! seen you around the forums lately!
you are reading this sentence you have just finished. dang it! there still arent 125 of em. how bout NOW!
7 Dragon Frozen Atari
Jun 17, 04 3:28pm
I've seen you in a couple forms,and I thought It would be fun to sign your guestbook cause no one else has! so I'm your first so if you wanna talk bout anything,Pm me K? later.

Your guestbook has been signed by,