Mar 16, 16 4:16pm
I still have 8 Mew codes availible! If anyone needs one i'm open to offers, I'd love one of Lance's Dragonites. :)
Feb 27, 16 6:09pm
HAPPY 20TH ANNIVERSARY POKEMON! I've been a fan since the original until now, and I hope to stay a part of this series for the next 20. :)
Dec 21, 15 10:36am
God Eater Resurrection and God Eater 2 Rage Burst is coming to Europe, North America and South america! I've been waiting for this! :D
FrostedSkies shared a forum thread
Sep 25, 15 2:26pm _Please excuse my mess! This is still under construction!_ Hello and welcome to Cloud Nine H

FrostedSkies shared a news (@bluexy)
May 4, 15 9:57pm
Really can't wait for this! :D

When Playtonics was formed by a crew of ex-Rare developers with more than 100+ years of experience in the company, expectations were immediately high. When they announced that their first game, Yooka-Laylee, would be the spiritual successor to Banjo-...

FrostedSkies shared a link (@IamthebestNever)
Apr 1, 15 12:06pm

Description of Pokémon Shiny Values (SV) Every save on a Gen VI Pokémon game is assigned a value called the Trainer Shiny Value (TSV) and every Pokémon egg a similar value called the Egg Shiny Value (ESV). When these values match, the Pokémon that ha...

Mar 30, 15 5:13pm
I need to get back to breeding, tales games and FF Type-0 kind of took over... oops
Mar 15, 15 2:09am
Just hatched a shiny charmander from an egg for a Mono-poke challenge! <3 :D
Feb 2, 15 5:13pm
Ran into a shiny Zigzagoon and had no Pokeballs... Never again.
Dec 24, 14 5:32pm
Merry Christmas, and a happy new year to everyone!
Oct 21, 14 11:32pm
A year, and many many catches, trades and wondertrades later. I have finally completed my Dex!
Sep 10, 14 6:19pm
Pleasent surprise to get home and find Destiny finished downloading~ ... Good bye social life.
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