Dec 9, 11 2:49am
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Oct 22, 10 1:37am

I will not argue with anyone when they say that games like sports games suck on the mouse and keyboard. They do. If people actually are good at them, then I commend you brave souls. I really don't know who is all that into sports games anymore, and if you are, I would honestly recommend playing them on consoles over the PC, just because you will actually be able to get a match online. However, if you are playing an FPS on a console, then you sir, are a fool.
You can hook up a game pad to play many games. For those converts out there, the 360 controller typically works.

Also...when did you start actually playing PC games? iirc you were a 360 whore for a while read more

Jun 18, 10 2:53am

I must have played de_dust more than like any other game level ever.

Tactical Intervention I'm not too sure about. It sounds too much like CS: S . I think they designer guy might have done well to try something totally different. read more

Jun 18, 10 2:49am

I really want a second Counter-Strike game as well. It could really use a new game. Also, the Auto-Snipers were another overpowered sniper rifle. Just though I'd mention that.

Great article. read more

May 20, 10 12:52pm

quote Frost
This better have dedicated servers... It looks awesome.
It does. read more

May 12, 10 3:56am

Hey we had a chat the Skate guys the other week eh? Did u catch it :

http://www.neoseeker.com/Articles/Games/Previews/skate3_studio_visit/ read more

May 5, 10 1:22am

Heh, nice video. We owned that round. read more

Apr 26, 10 12:58am

Yeah, about a month before L4D was released they started on L4D2, last I checked. Still, considering all the ideas bounced back and forth, getting things done even with the major holidays, making a demo for E3, playable versions at other following conventions...it does seem like less than a year overall. And that's quite impressive for a team that takes their sweet time with games (I'm looking at you, HL2: Ep3).

Great review, Frost, couldn't agree more with it. ^^
read more

Apr 23, 10 7:15pm

Well aparently there are also lockers with bile bombs too. But that is all though. But I wonder what a locker full of M60's would be like... read more

Apr 23, 10 4:38am

I feel it was a wonderful campaign. For what it set out to be, it succeeded. There could have been a little more interaction with the old survivors but I don't mind much. I can say that the chests can hold pills, adrenaline, molotovs or pipe bombs but I haven't seen bile bombs yet. Though none of these appear in Versus. read more

Mar 24, 10 12:40pm

Yep, but unfortunately with a memory limit of 16GB and two devices (theoretically allowing you to add a total of... read more

Nov 22, 09 4:19pm

Australian schools for Senior Year. read more

Dark Arcanine
Aug 15, 09 2:59pm

I like when members do blog entries like this, so good on you. I don't have the money or console for it though lol. read more

Mar 4, 09 2:35am

i thought they were making one read more

Mar 4, 09 12:36am

do you know when the Halo movie is coming out? read more

Feb 2, 09 3:37am

Is the Zombies mode included? read more

Feb 1, 09 11:30pm

Glad to hear the RRoD occurred while you were still under warranty. I just got mine back, but somehow while playing Mirror's Edge it froze when trying to save my progress >_<. I hope that's a game bug and not heat related.

PS. You might want to tag this blog post with "rrod", "neowikis", and "red ring of death" . read more