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I will not argue with anyone when they say that games like sports games suck on the mouse and keyboard. They do. If people actually are good at them, then I commend you brave souls. I really don't know who is all that into sports games anymore, and if you are, I would honestly recommend playing them on consoles over the PC, just because you will actually be able to get a match online. However, if you are playing an FPS on a console, then you sir, are a fool.
You can hook up a game pad to play many games. For those converts out there, the 360 controller typically works.

Also...when did you start actually playing PC games? iirc you were a 360 whore for a while read more

I must have played de_dust more than like any other game level ever.

Tactical Intervention I'm not too sure about. It sounds too much like CS: S . I think they designer guy might have done well to try something totally different. read more

I really want a second Counter-Strike game as well. It could really use a new game. Also, the Auto-Snipers were another overpowered sniper rifle. Just though I'd mention that.

Great article. read more

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This better have dedicated servers... It looks awesome.
It does. read more

Heh, nice video. We owned that round. read more

Yeah, about a month before L4D was released they started on L4D2, last I checked. Still, considering all the ideas bounced back and forth, getting things done even with the major holidays, making a demo for E3, playable versions at other following does seem like less than a year overall. And that's quite impressive for a team that takes their sweet time with games (I'm looking at you, HL2: Ep3).

Great review, Frost, couldn't agree more with it. ^^
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Well aparently there are also lockers with bile bombs too. But that is all though. But I wonder what a locker full of M60's would be like... read more

I feel it was a wonderful campaign. For what it set out to be, it succeeded. There could have been a little more interaction with the old survivors but I don't mind much. I can say that the chests can hold pills, adrenaline, molotovs or pipe bombs but I haven't seen bile bombs yet. Though none of these appear in Versus. read more

Yep, but unfortunately with a memory limit of 16GB and two devices (theoretically allowing you to add a total of... read more

Australian schools for Senior Year. read more

I like when members do blog entries like this, so good on you. I don't have the money or console for it though lol. read more

i thought they were making one read more

do you know when the Halo movie is coming out? read more

Glad to hear the RRoD occurred while you were still under warranty. I just got mine back, but somehow while playing Mirror's Edge it froze when trying to save my progress >_<. I hope that's a game bug and not heat related.

PS. You might want to tag this blog post with "rrod", "neowikis", and "red ring of death" . read more