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Feb 4, 09 1:28am

Ms. Pac-Man App Review

Before I got my iPod Touch, I was browsing the App Store on iTunes, when I saw that Ms. Pac-Man was an available App on the store. There is already a version of Ms. Pac-Man on the iTunes Store for the iPod Classic, and I wanted to see how this compared.


For Ms. Pac-Man, there are three difference control schemes. They are Swipe, Accelerometer, and D-Pad.

Swipe: This control scheme is definitely my favorite. At the bottom of the screen, there is a small joystick that resembles what you would use to control an arcade machine. To control Ms. Pac-Man, you slide your finger anywhere on the screen in the direction that you want Ms. Pac-Man to go. What I don’t like about the control scheme is that if you move your finger a little bit, it could totally mess you up, and have Ms. Pac-Man change directions, which could lead to you being eaten by a ghost. While this is frustrating, it is still better than the other control schemes in my opinion.

D-Pad: This controls scheme is pretty self-explanatory. There is a small d-pad at the bottom of your screen. It has four arrows on it, each pointing in a different direction. If you want to go in that direction, you press on the key. The problem here is that the d-pad is extremely small, and I am finding myself to always press the wrong arrow.

Accelerometer: This control scheme is a joke. To have Ms. Pac-Man navigate, you have to lean your iPod in that direction. So, if you want Ms. Pac-Man to go to the right, you have to lean your iPod to the right. I tried it, and it was fun for about nine seconds. It’s lame.

In the end, Swipe is the only control scheme that isn’t giving me much of a problem. It was difficult at first, but as time went on, it got easier and easier.

Game Modes:

The game has three different modes included. They are, easy, normal, and original. Easy makes the ghosts and Ms. Pac-Man move relatively slow, giving gamers an easy approach to learning how to play the game. Normal speeds things up a little bit, making it a bit harder. Original is the hardest mode, as it closely resembles the original arcade version of the game.


The graphics for this game are very impressive, almost exactly resembling the arcade version of the game. They are very crisp and clear, unlike some of Namco Museum’s versions of the game. As far as graphics go, I am impressed.


The sound sounds great as well. It is almost identical to the arcade sounds, just like with the graphics.


What I like:

-The game saves at the last level that you were at, and allows you to start at that level the next time you play. This is probably my favorite part about the game, because the regular version of Ms. Pac-Man doesn’t allow that.
-The graphics and sound are top notch.

What I don’t like:

-The control schemes are all a tad sketchy in a way.
-The game is pricey, being on sale at $6.99.


When it comes down to it, you are probably still pondering whether to buy the game or not. The game is pretty pricey, being on sale at $5.99. Luckily, iTunes released a demo for Pac-Man called Pac-Man Lite. It contains all of the control schemes and modes that Ms. Pac-Man does. The great thing is that it’s free, so you can experiment with the game and not spend a dime. The demo only contains the first maze of Pac-Man, so don’t mistake it with Ms. Pac-Man!
I like the game, and don’t find much to be desired other than more precise controls. The price is also a tad high, but if you are a huge fan of Pac-Man I advise you to try the demo first. If you like it, then give it a try. I can not warn you enough though, try the demo first. With this app, you are either going to love it, or hate it.

Ms. Pac-Man receives 7.5 out of 10.

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