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Oct 20, 10 3:38am

These days, less and less people are playing PC games. Especially on this website. I'd say around 85-90% of the gamers who regularly visit this website are console gamers. Why? Well, a few common viewpoints I see among the console community about PC gaming are:
  • Computers were not made for gaming, consoles are.
  • Why would you want to use your keyboard and mouse to control a game when I could use a controller?
  • You constantly need to upgrade your computer specs to stay up to date with modern day gaming.
  • It is ridiculously expensive to build a rig.
  • The PC community sucks.
  • Why use Windows when I can use a Mac?
So, let's look at all of these viewpoints.

1.) Computers were not made for gaming, consoles are.

This is a common argument I see. Why should I play on a system that does not only play video games? Do you people realize how stupid that sounds? That is like saying, "Alright guys, I am going to drive this 1990 Honda Civic over this 2011 Jaguar XJ. Why? Because I don't need a navigation system, heated seats, power windows, a 6 speed transmission, and leather seats. All I want to do is drive." Obviously price is not a factor in this scenario. So you opened your front door to go to school or wherever it is you go, which car would you pick? The console gamers can take the Honda, and I will go ahead and take my Jag.

What the hell is wrong with playing on a system that does more than playing games? It is pretty convenient when I can manage my email, surf the internet, make graphics and videos, as well as play video games on the same machine. Is there anything bad about this? Besides, where would you rather check Facebook? Your Xbox or your computer? Personally, I do not enjoy navigating the world's premier social networking website with a controller.

2.) Why would you want to use your keyboard and mouse to control a game when I could use a controller?

If you know anything about PC gaming, you know that I will have to discuss first person shooters. The FPS has been on of the top ranking gaming genres for years now. On the PC and consoles alike, people just love playing these games. But comparing the control schemes between the PC and consoles is like comparing two completely different languages. Using a mouse and keyboard to control a game is much more precise than using a controller in the FPS genre. That is why on games like Halo 2 Vista, the people using mouse and keyboards got a handicap; the controller users got an aim assist. By the way, if you weren't aware, console FPS games have aim assists on them. If you don't believe me, then go play some Halo 3. Kill some guys on the other team, and then try and betray one of your teammates with the BR. Got hard all of a sudden, didn't it? But back to Halo 2 Vista. Why people use controllers on that PC game is beyond me. If you want to use a controller that bad, play Halo 3, or Reach. Nothing is more accurate then a mouse and keyboard in terms of FPS games. If you still don't believe me, please go back to your couch and turn Modern Warfare 2 back on.

I will not argue with anyone when they say that games like sports games suck on the mouse and keyboard. They do. If people actually are good at them, then I commend you brave souls. I really don't know who is all that into sports games anymore, and if you are, I would honestly recommend playing them on consoles over the PC, just because you will actually be able to get a match online. However, if you are playing an FPS on a console, then you sir, are a fool.

3. You constantly need to upgrade your computer specs to stay up to date with modern day gaming.

Yes, in the world of PC gaming, you have the option to upgrade your specs whenever you please. This is the reason why the performance on the PC blows consoles clear out of the water. Most companies release new hardware annually that is at your disposal. The common misconception is that you have to buy new hardware whenever it is released. There is no law written that requires you to buy Nvidia's new graphics card the day it is released. No.

And no, you do not need to do this to stay up to date with modern gaming. One of my good friends is running on a processor that dates back around to 2002. It is 2010. He is able to play Left 4 Dead 2, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Crysis. Obviously buying new hardware every year is not necessary to keep up with PC games. Who says you need to play the most spec-demanding games anyway? Counter-Strike, which was released in 1999 is still one of the top played games on Steam. Most stock computers can play this game out of the box without any modifications being done.

So yeah, whoever invented the idea of buying new hardware every five minutes is an intelligent individual, who must be very good at Metal Gear Solid.

4. It is ridiculously expensive to build a rig.

I agree, it is very expensive to build a rig. What we did not define here was a top-knotch gaming PC. Those can cost thousands of dollars. I am aware that this is a lot of money. However, it's not like you need to spend at least $1200 dollars to be able to play Call of Duty 4. No, it's not like that at all. I am running an HP Pavilion desktop computer that cost around $500. I then purchased a $120 graphics card and a $50 power unit to support the graphics card. This clocked out at around $770 total. I also have 35 games on Steam. The most expensive game I purchased cost $25. (PC games are cheaper than consoles, like oh my gawd) I would say that I have spent about $100 total on Steam games. Okay, that is $870 dollars. Now let's do some math.

The Xbox 250gb Model Costs $300. Now, let's name some games that pretty much every 360 owner has in their inventory:
  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare ($60)
  • Call of Duty: World at War ($60)
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (let's assume that you bought both DLC packages, so MW2 will top out at $90)
  • Halo 3 ($60)
  • Halo: Reach ($60)
  • Rock Band (Pretty much everybody has the instrument bundle, which costs $140 on
The amount of money spent on this basic bundle of games costs $470. Yes, you spent $470 dollars on on 6 video games, while I bought 35 games for $100. Yeah.
But we're not finished there. We have all of our games, and we think that we're good to go, but WAIT! Xbox Lives subscriptions cost $50 a year! If we are really going to show off our stupendous FPS skills, obviously we need to do this online. So, let's get our subscription going. Most people have had their Xbox 360 for over a year now, so they are continuing to pay this $50 fee (This is not present anywhere but Xbox). So, let's add everything up here. We get our console, games, and Xbox Live subscription for two years. What does this come out to? Oh my goodness! It is $870, the same as what I paid for my PC and games. So we go our separate ways. One year and a day after you buy your Xbox, you get the Red Ring of Death, and it bricks! So, you send it into Microsoft for a repair. This costs $140 dollars. Poop. So you are paying more than me for a piece of shit console where the games cost a noticeably more expensive amount than the PC, AND your console is prone to a hardware error that Microsoft is wholly aware of and has not fixed. Shit.

5.) The PC community sucks.

If you aren't a PC gamer, then how do you know this vital information? I have one small note to provide you with in this category. As most 13 year old kids are not very smart, they obviously went with the consoles. That is why every single game you play, all you hear is screaming 13 year old kids cursing their asses off. There is a very small amount of little kids screaming into their mics on the PC. Maybe if superior controls, price, and value did not sway you, this will.

6. Why use Windows when I can use a Mac?


Well, that is my two cents on this life changing topic. Whether you agree with me or not, I could care less. I am just sharing my viewpoint with you, which is obviously superior to yours. Have a good one.

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Jun 17, 10 9:59pm

Ever since the release of Counter-Strike in 1999, the PC gaming community has been overwhelmed by the experience offered by the simple FPS. Since then, two successors have been released, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, and Counter-Strike: Source, the most recent addition to the series. Counter-Strike, and CS:Source have held the number 1 and 2 spots for most actively played games on Steam for as long as I can remember. Most gaming companies, well almost all of them would have released multiple predecessors by now, I mean look at Call of Duty. But, we are not talking about Infinity Ward here, we're talking about Valve. Their track record of spewing out games has been relatively slow over the past few years, with a 6 year gap between Half-Life and Half-Life 2. Also, we still have yet to see Episode 3 of the series after Episode 2 was released three years ago.

So why hasn't there been a sequel? Well, I really don't have an answer to that, because no one knows but Valve. In an interview last year, Gabe Newell, one of the founders of Valve was asked, "What would you rather see first; Counter-Strike 2 or Portal 2?" He answered with Portal 2, and as a result, Portal 2 is on track to be released in 2011. But what about Counter-Strike 2?

Well apparently, Minh Le, one of the creators of CS, was supposedly working on the monumental Counter-Strike 2 for Valve. Unfortunately, the project never got off the ground, and was canceled. Le did not finish his video game development career on that note, as he has been hard at work over the last year on his newest title, Tactical Intervention.

Although this game does not bear the Counter-Strike name, it appears to run exactly like his famed series, of course in an upgraded and more realistic format. In the newest games, hostages are taken off the streets and react to the action going on in the map, such as explosions. This differs from Counter-Strike's seemingly robotic hostages who do nothing when being shot at. Le also commented on the overpowered snipers in Counter-Strike. Of course he was talking about the AWP sniper rifle, which kills in one hit above the waist. To many players, this makes the game very unbalanced, and as a result, many servers restrict use of the AWP. When Tactical Intervention is released at its expected time of holiday 2010, I guess we will not be seeing an AWP.

I wonder how the gaming community will respond to this announcement. Many players still prefer the original game over Counter-Strike: Source, which has much more advanced graphics and physics. I guess what they say about graphics not making gameplay still applies to PC gamers. I am sure many players will be angered by this game, stating that the series is fine as it is. I am not one of those people. I have been wanting to see a new Counter-Strike title for a long time now.

There is more details about the project on IGN, in this article

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Jun 10, 10 7:59pm

Once in a while, I browse the App Store as I am downloading various updates for the applications on my iPod Touch. Over the past few months, I have become increasingly impressed with the quality of apps being released on the store. The first app I can really remember being surprised at was Call of Duty: Zombies. After a few weeks of speculation on the price ($9.99), I decided to buy it. The first time I loaded up the app, I was pretty surprised. The graphics on this app far surpassed the graphics on the entire DS version of World at War. This surprised me, and disappointed me with the Nintendo DS. How is it that an iPod, an MP3 player can produce higher quality visuals than a Nintendo DS, and handheld game console.
The next app that surprised me was Plants vs. Zombies. Being a hit on the PC, I heard nothing but great things about the game. It was the same thing for the iPhone App. It is one of the few games on the store that has a 5 star rating. Once again, the iPod Touch impressed me. This little device is producing top notch games at great prices. How is all of this possible?
When I saw Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 on the store, I responded with something like, “Wow, this is going to suck!” After playing the Application, I can easily tell you that this app does not suck. This is a great way to relive the past on the go, while having fun!


The App’s gameplay is essentially identical to the 2000 version of the game. The Career Mode still consists of using 2 minute runs to find the secret tape, accomplish various goals, and bring in high scores. The career is exactly the same as the THPS2 we all know and love. As for the Create a Skater/Skatepark modes, they are not present here. That is pretty unfortunate in my opinion, as those modes really enhanced the gameplay experience. However, the Career Mode still has a ton to offer, so I am not crying. Another low point here is that the game does not have the series classic multiplayer game modes. Considering the fact that the iPhone/iPod Touch is a device that connects to the internet, online multiplayer was a definite possibility for the developers here. That would have made this game incredible, and added hours of replay value to it. Here is a list of other features that have been included and left out.


Obviously, the iPod Touch has a touch screen, not a controller. This means that all of the game’s controls are present on the touch screen. A mock D-Pad is placed in the left side of the screen, that acts just as a controller would when touched. As for jumping, grinding, flipping, and grabbing, the four buttons are placed on the right side of the screen, in rhombus form. So basically, if you have played Tony Hawk games before, there is nothing new here. There is however, a learning curve. When first playing the game, adjusting yourself to the touch screen buttons can be a bit frustrating, especially so with the D-Pad. However, after a few hours of playing (1-2), you will steadily become more and more comfortable with the controls. However, they are not perfect, as the touch screen does cause complications, such as accidentally hitting the wrong buttons. It is surprising how much more difficult a game becomes when a controller is not available. In my opinion, 1-2 hours is not that much time to grasp a game’s control scheme, but some gamers need to be ready to go right off the gate. I am not one of those people. The controls are the weakest point of the game, and if there was one reason for you not to buy this, the controls are that reason.


The most impressive part of the game is the graphics. They are completely on par with the console version of this game. Some may think, well the game was created in 2000, so that really isn’t that big of a deal, but it is. A remake of Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland was released for the DS in 2005, and the graphics were horribly worse than the console version of the game. It just blows my mind that a cell phone/MP3 player is able to pull this off. The graphics are incredible, and an assuring notice that gaming on the iPod Touch/iPhone is turning into a very quality ordeal.


The games sound is pretty much identical to the console companions of the game, except for one thing; The soundtrack is completely different, which bothers me immensely. The likes of Anthrax were replaced by relatively unknown bands, and for what reason? The original soundtrack for Pro Skater 2 was for me arguably the best in the entire series. It was raved about through the gaming community as well. Changing it just does not make sense to me. They always say, “Don’t fix what isn’t broken.” That term applies great here.


Over the years, handheld games have always been the knockoffs of console games. It still rings true today, but the iPhone is slowly changing that. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 is a true vision of the future of handheld gaming. It is slowly returning to be the high quality experience that it once was. Buying this game for $4.99 (current price) is a complete steal. The GameBoy versions of this game cost around $39.99, and they were nothing like the real thing. Here, this is the real thing, and it is a fraction of that price. I would recommend this App to any fans of the THPS series, or skateboarding games in general. This App blows the likes of Touchgrind out of the water.

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May 5, 10 1:14am

When loading up the demo for the first time, I was exposed to a surprising amount of customization. First of all, before you begin playing, you need to clarify your game's settings. The first thing that you need to do is pick your difficulty.

The difficulties are:
  • Easy: Like Skate 1.
  • Normal: More similar to Skate 2.
  • Hardcore: The closest simulation to actual skateboarding to date.
Then you must choose your camera settings. Here they have included a low perspective, and a high one. Having been so used to the low setting, which sometimes made it hard to see obstacles in the first two games, I gave the high view a go.

After playing through, I immediately noticed the difficulty that Hardcore presented. Your skater moves slower, does tricks lower, and much sketchier than you would see in the first two easier modes. I think that is pretty awesome. This adds a new depth of realism to the game that was not present in the first two. It gives the game a better simulation of actually skateboarding, and offers much more excitement when landing your tricks. However, the mode is not perfect, from my first impressions. The skater moves extremely slow. So slow, that it makes the demo goals presented, pretty hard to do. For one of the goals you have to ride off a launch ramp and trigger a bail. With the runup space provided, it is pretty hard to even get off the ramp. In real skateboarding (which I do), you don't have to be hardcore to push fast...

If you were confused when I said that you have to 'trigger a bail' in that last paragraph, allow me to explain. EA Black Box decided to throw in a feature where you can purposely fall off of your board and hurt yourself. This can allow for some laughs, but is overall pointless in my opinion. What is the point of falling on purpose?

Once I got into freeskating I noticed a few things. First, the invisible magnet that is attached to your grinds (meaning that you can ollie far away from the rail, but still manage a grind) is much smaller. You pretty much have to be exact on your ollie, or you are not grinding. This is for Hardcore mode. In the other modes, it is not as bad, but noticeably harder from the other games.

Graphically wise, this game took a similar approach as Skate 2, which pissed me off somewhat. Skate 1 had obviously superior graphics over the second game, which baffles me as to why Black Box did not use the graphical engine from the first game. I can deal with this, but I just wished that the graphics would have turned out nicer.

From my first play, I am impressed with the demo overall. The obstacles were nice, the difficulties were alright (need some tweaking with the speed), and the camera views were cool. My only real gripe were the graphics. I definitely plan on picking this game up.

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May 2, 10 7:12am

In the light of this recent Clash of the Platforms contest in the Left 4 Dead 2 forums, I have been playing a lot of Survival lately. Xmayne and I have actually been able to crack a few maps, after consistently failing at Survival since the game's release in November. We were pretty good at Survival in Left 4 Dead 1, getting around 12 gold medals together, but here we could not get one in all of this time since the game's release. Thankfully, we actually got a gold medal a few days ago, and from there we have actually been making some progress. So far, we have four, resulting in two two gold medal sessions in one day. I find that to be pretty damn successful. We have gotten gold medals on The Bridge (The Parish), The Atrium (Dead Center), Stadium Gate (Dark Carnival), and Bus Depot (The Parish).

In light of this, we have decided to create an educational video series explaining on how to obtain gold medals in Left 4 Dead 2's Survival Mode. Our first video explains our gold medal strategy on The Bridge, which got us over 13 minutes.

Enjoy the video, and leave any feedback you may have!

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Apr 25, 10 7:04pm

The last DLC package released for the Left 4 Dead series received a pretty negative response from most players. The campaign was too short, contained no shine, and the environments seemed fairly familiar. We have yet to see a DLC release since then, but now we do. The Passing for Left 4 Dead 2 has been released, and was advertised to contain cooperative play with the survivors from the first Left 4 Dead game, include a new weapon, and a new game mode. After playing through the campaign a few times, my opinion on it is a positive one.

What I Expected
  • Some new environments to explore: Crash Course contained many of the same texture models as the other campaigns, giving it a very dull look. * Satisfying interaction between the survivors: This seems to be the main selling point of this package, so it better be good.
  • The new game mode better be good: To be honest, I am pretty bored of this game, which sucks considering it is fairly new. I am hoping that this game mode adds some replay value to this game.
  • The M60 being a great weapon: A light machine gun sounds like a great addition to this game. I don’t see how it could suck.
First Impressions

When I first loaded up Left 4 Dead 2 after downloading this 1gb update, the first thing that I noticed was that the introduction movie was still the same. Although this is not an issue, I was kind of hoping that this would have changed, as this is the trailer for the game. But on to the main menu. There are now two new buttons to click on. The first one, Mutation, is the new game mode that Valve has been advertising. Each week, Valve is going to introduce a new game mode that is a modification of the regular modes (Campaign, Survival, Versus, Realism, and Scavenge). For example, one of the Mutation events will be Chainsaw Massacre, which is a modification of the campaign mode. Here, you are equipped with only a chainsaw (with unlimited gas), and get to slash your way through an entire campaign. That sounds awesome, and I am extremely excited to play it. Mutation is a great idea, as it adds some juice back into this game that I was beginning to become very bored of.
The other button, Blog Post, allows you to vote in a poll each week. The first poll was asking what your favorite character in the game was. That is kind of cool, but to be honest, I don’t care about voting about little stuff like that. I can imagine this feature coming in handy with bigger polls, such as future DLC options.

The Campaign

This campaign takes place immediately after the events of Dead Center, where the survivors are blocked by a closed bridge. There, they are greeted by either Francis, or Zoey from the first Left 4 Dead game, where they explain that the bridge cannot be opened until they make it to the other side. So basically, the campaign is the survivors navigating around a bridge. However, the campaign is much more complicated than that. There is a lot of terrain to cover for such a simple objective. You actually end up traveling underground, which I found really cool. Overall, Valve did a great job with introducing new environments here. However, that doesn’t mean that all of the terrain is new. I did come across a good amount of objects that I recognized from other campaigns. However, that is to be expected, so it’s not that big of a deal. The recycled materials were not as bad as the Crash Course DLC in Left 4 Dead 1, where the campaign just looked like a user-made campaign.
Found throughout the campaign are some new items. The main one being the M60 Light Machine gun. This thing really packs a punch. I used it to single-handedly take out a tank on my first run through. My only gripe with this is that it only comes packed with 150 bullets, and you are unable to pick up ammo for it. I guess if you could, it would be extremely overpowered.
Another add-on is the footlockers. In these, you will find an infinite supply of throw able weapons, and healing remedies. So, you will find pipe bombs, molotovs, pain pills, and adrenaline shots. These are very similar to the footlockers found in the Half-Life series, where you could find an infinite supply of rocket launcher ammo, and grenades. This is a cool addition, but overall, it doesn’t impact the game very much. What the hell are you going to do with an infinite supply of adrenaline, when the effects wear off in a few seconds? It doesn’t make much sense to me.
One thing that I really liked with this campaign was the wide variety of lines implemented by the characters. On all of my play-throughs, I seemed to hear a different line voiced by each of the characters in the same situations. That was very exciting for me, as the old lines were starting to become extremely dull, as they never changed.
My main gripe with this campaign is how short it is. It is only a three chapter-campaign, the shortest in the game. However, despite its length, I found it to be one of the most intense campaigns.
Perhaps my favorite addition that came with this campaign was the new Survival maps. I really did not like any of the maps for any of the other campaigns, as I just couldn’t crack any of them. So far, I have not gotten one gold medal on any of the survival maps in this game, but I almost had all of them in the first game. Valve actually implemented good weapons in The Passing’s survival maps, such as the AK-47, which is not present in any of the other maps, and the Magnum pistol which was only in The Atrium. Also, there are much more elaborate places to camp in these maps, giving it a much more fun experience. I can see myself getting a gold medal on all three of these maps. You read that correctly, three survival maps. This also surprised me, because each campaign tended to have a small number of maps. Dead Center for example, only offered The Atrium, when there were numerous other places that I could easily Survival maps being placed on.


The Passing was a very impressive DLC package. This rivals with the Survival Pack for Left 4 Dead 1, which really spiced up the game. Despite its short length, it was very action packed and fun. Thanks to The Passing, I can see myself playing Left 4 Dead 2 for months longer with the campaign and Mutation.

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Apr 23, 10 1:53am

Today the long-awaited DLC Package for Left 4 Dead 2 was released. Titled, The Passing, the package is advertised to present a meeting between the survivors from both games. The package was released on the Xbox 360 for 560 ($7.00) Microsoft Points, and free of charge on the PC. I am playing this on the PC.

The first thing that I noticed about this DLC was the rather large file size. On the PC, the package contained over a gigabyte worth of files. It took me about an hour to download, due to the large file size, and the ridiculous amount of people also playing. After the long download, I finally got to play the new campaign. It begins with a confrontation between the Left 4 Dead 2 survivors, and our old friend Francis from the first game. The survivors are blockaded by a closed bridge, which Francis will not open. So, the survivors need to navigate around town, and get to the other side of the bridge.

As for new features here, this campaign features a new weapon, the M60 Light Machine Gun. I got to try it out, and I liked it. The gun has a really great fire rate, and does a ton of damage. I was playing on Advanced Mode, and used the M60 to take out a tank single handedly. It comes with a clip of 150 bullets, and it is a non-reloadable gun. This means, that when it's out, it's done. This is the weak part of this gun. It is used up extremely fast.

Also, there are crates of items scattered throughout the campaign. I found a few filled with molotovs, and another filled with adrenaline. I do not know if there is one filled with pipe bombs, bile bombs, or pain pills, so I will not confirm their existence. I just know that there is one with molotovs, and adrenaline.

As for the campaign as a whole, it was very fun. It was three chapters long, which is sort of a shame, but chapters one and two were very long, with three being strictly a finale. There is also an intense crescendo event, in my opinion being by far the best in the game.

So I don't give you guys anymore spoilers, try it out for yourself, and leave your opinions here. I think it's a blast!

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Dec 31, 09 3:25pm

I have been heavily awaiting this year's Steam Holiday Sale, as it allows us PC Gamers to indulge in some of the best sales on the internet for video games. For those not aware, Steam is a file distributing program that distributes electronic copies of video games to its downloaders. Many people compare Steam to Xbox Live, as it is similar when it comes down to it. I like to think of Steam as the Xbox Live of PC Gaming.

This year's sale began on December 23, and is continuing through January 3. Once Steam loaded the sale, my eyes lit up at what I saw. Grand Theft Auto IV was being sold for $7.49, reduced from $29.99. That is a 75% discount! Considering that the game probably still costs between $50 and $60 dollars on the consoles, that is an absolutely incredible deal. I could not pass that up, and bought it immediately.

Next on my agenda was a Christmas gift for my brother. I knew exactly what to buy him. Since he did not own Half-Life 2, I thought, what better product to buy him than The Orange Box? It was 25%, going from $29.99, to to $22.49. That was a good deal, but not great. So, I bought it. Unfortunately, The Orange Box was marked down yet again a few days ago, going all the way down to $14.99. Although I was angry, that was well after Christmas, so it would not have been much of a Christmas gift if I waited.

Also, I noticed that Braid, a highly acclaimed puzzle-platformer was on sale for $2.49. For what good things I heard about this game, I found that to be a no-brainer. So much so, that I bought my brother a copy as well. That turned out to be a very good buy, as the game is very fun, yet challenging at the same time.

One of my good friends had been wanting to buy Day of Defeat: Source for a long time, and with it being marked down to $7.49, I bought it for him as a Christmas gift. Of course it was marked down to $2.49 right after I bought it. I should have seen that coming.

Thankfully, one of my friends was in the Christmas spirit this year as well. He gifted me Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter. I had heard little to nothing about this series in the past, but what my friend had told me about it got me interested. Serious Sam is based around an intergalatic war between the planet Earth and an alien race called the Mental's that left ancient artifects on the Earth in ancient times. In the 22nd century, the Mental race returns on a wild rampage in an effort to destroy the human race. Using 'Time Lock' equipment, the humans sent back Sam "Serious" Stone back to Ancient Egypt to prevent any of that from happening. In the game, you shoot baddies. That is basically all you do. Some may take that the wrong way, but you don't. The fighting gets intense, and you have a wide arsenal of weapons to choose from. The game also offers cooperative play with friends and has a nice list of Steam Achievements. Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter was a great game to receive as a gift.

So, about three-quarters of the way through this sale, I have spent a total of $47.44. Let's take a look at my shopping cart:
  • Grand Theft Auto IV:
  • The Orange Box:
  • Day of Defeat: Source
  • Braid (x2)
  • BioShock
Considering that I purchased 10 games for $47.44, that is a damn good deal. I love the Steam Holiday Sale.

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Nov 13, 09 6:04am
can not wait for Left 4 Dead 2 to drop.
Aug 15, 09 6:13am
started skateboarding again.
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Aug 15, 09 12:56am

When Left 4 Dead 2 was announced for the Xbox 360 and PC in June, people went crazy. Not in a good way either. They found it ridiculous that people expected Valve to have their fans pay for a new game a year later than when the first installment was released. Many people thought that Left 4 Dead 2 should be released as free DLC for all owners of Left 4 Dead. Also, many people do not like this game due to the fact that the Left 4 Dead 1 community may be torn apart, that there are new characters, and so much more. All of these negative ideas resulted in a boycott in which over 30,000 people are participating in. But is this boycott really a justified cause?

A big part about your ultimate decision to purchase Left 4 Dead 2, is the cost of the game. For PC, it will cost $50.00, and on the Xbox 360, it will cost $60.00. Now, I really don't see what the big deal is about buying this. The game was announced on June 1, and the game is being released on November 17. That gives a solid six months to save up money. If you put ten dollars away per month, then you will have sixty dollars in November. Do some chores, get a job. Also, don't forget about the holidays.

People expecting this game to be released as free DLC really shows how spoiled Valve's fans are. The United States is currently in a recession, for those not aware, as are many parts of the world. Valve Corporation needs to make money, obviously, and this is a great opportunity to do that. It is a win-win for both sides of the field; the gamers, and Valve. Us gamers have the opportunity to get another one of Valve's games on our hands, and not five years after the first one. Valve gets to make money, which results in more video games in the future.

Now, so what will Left 4 Dead 2 contain? What Valve has announced so far is the following:
-5 new campaigns, one of them being in a daytime environment.
-New settings.
-New guns, including an AK-47, and what looks to be like a Mac 10, as well as a grenade launcher. There will also be incinerary ammo to wield.
-Melee weapons to use against the infected. Some of them are: a frying pan, a chainsaw, a baseball bat, an axe, and a sword.
-And more.

As for gameplay, Left 4 Dead 2 is going to contain the Campaign Mode, Versus Mode, Survival Mode, and another mode, which has yet to be announced. Also, the finales are going to operate in a different way. Instead of contacting the rescue vehicle and waiting, you need to contact the rescue vehicle, and then make your way to it. In one of the campaigns, to get to the rescue vehicle, you must cross an entire bridge to get to it. Keep in mind that moving about during a finale is not an easy task, which will make this a fun experience.

Left 4 Dead 2 will also contain more special infected, as well as the originals from the first game. Two of the announced infected are the charger, and the spitter. The game also takes place in new settings. Two of the announced places are Georgia, and Illinois. Due to these settings, we will see new infected, new environments etc. Also, keep in mind that the game will have new achievements, which added a lot of replay value to Left 4 Dead 1.

A problem with Left 4 Dead 1, is that we do not understand to a very high extent the storyline of the game. However, Valve is beginning to bridge the gaps between the campaign with Left 4 Dead 1 DLC, that they promised to release, didn't they? Currently, a new campaign called Crash Course is in development. It is set to take place after the events of No Mercy, which shows that the game's campaigns do take place in a kind of chronological order. Anyway, Left 4 Dead 2 will contain more background on the storyline, and the campaigns are going to take a step away from the movie format that the campaigns in the first game took.

Remember I mentioned that 30,000 person boycott earlier? Well, let's take a look at what they have to say. This is their manifest:

We Recognize:

-Valve is a company with financial needs and cannot be expected to survive without the release of new games.
Yes, and this contradicts half of your manifest.

-Judgment cannot be passed on the quality of Left 4 Dead 2 until its release.
This statement does not even make sense with this boycott. They are committed to not purchasing the game, but now they are saying that they cannot judge it until it's release.

-Left 4 Dead was, and is, a quality game which deserves the praise of the entire gaming community.
I can not argue with that statement.

We Are Committed:

-To holding Valve to its promise of free, continual updates to Left 4 Dead in order to build and sustain the community.
The Survival Pack, the Authoring Tools, and now Crash Course are all free. Valve also fixes bugs in the game often enough, and none of this has ever cost us a dime.

-To keeping the Left 4 Dead community together in order to improve the quality of online gaming.
30,000 gamers is not the Left 4 Dead community. People are going to buy the game. You can not control what people do over the internet.

-To supporting the model of continual updates Valve has set forth with its staple products like Team Fortress 2.
Crash Course is set to be released in September. ;)

We Believe:

-The release of Left 4 Dead 2 as a stand-alone sequel will split the communities and decrease the quality of multiplayer gaming.
Valve has said blatantly that the communities will be integrated in some way. Although it is not clear how at the moment, I have faith that Valve will keep their word.

-The announced content of Left 4 Dead 2 does not warrant a stand-alone, full-priced sequel and should instead become updates (free or otherwise) for Left 4 Dead.
Okay? Valve has not thrown away everything they have to show about the game. There will be some surprises when we start up the game.

-Left 4 Dead has not yet received the support and content which Valve has repeatedly stated will be delivered.
Well, it has now.

We Request:

-That Valve honor its commitment to release ongoing periodic content for Left 4 Dead.
You are in luck. They did. A new campaign titled Crash Course is set to be released in September.

-That Left 4 Dead 2 not be released as a stand-alone, full-priced sequel but as either a free update to Left 4 Dead or an expansion with full compatibility with basic Left 4 Dead owners.
Then what is all of this gibberish about? "-Valve is a company with financial needs and cannot be expected to survive without the release of new games."

-That Left 4 Dead owners be given discounts for Left 4 Dead 2, should it be released as premium content.
But what about Valve surviving financially. The United States is in a recession.

Therefore, we - the members of this Left 4 Dead 2 Boycott - promise to abstain from the purchase of Left 4 Dead 2 until our requests are addressed.
November 17 is judgment day then.
As you can see from that boycott, a lot of contradiction occurred. In one way or another, this statement contradicts the whole boycott; -Valve is a company with financial needs and cannot be expected to survive without the release of new games. Go back and reread their manifest and see what I mean. In the end, I am not commanding you to purchase Left 4 Dead 2, I am telling you why you should. On November 17, the choice is yours.

pc xbox 360
Frost blogged
Jul 23, 09 8:04am

Us PC users have received an anticipated update late once again, but I personally do not mind, because we received Map Pack 2 free of charge once again. The Pack contains 3 new MP maps: Banzai, Corrosion, and Sup Pens. I honestly have not had much of a chance to check out the maps yet, because firstly, I do not enjoy the game's multiplayer, and secondly, all of my time with the game has been dedicated to the new Nazi Zombie map, Shi No Numa.

This map blows the first two out of the water. The map's size is overwhelming in the first few plays, and I was stuck without an idea of where the hell I was going, which resulted in my demise. Also, the map features the Wunderwaffe DG-2, a new weapon which is very explosive, flaming Hell Hounds, and some very cool new traps. I enjoy this map way more than the first expansive map, Verruckt, which got very old after very few plays. In fact, I enjoy the original zombie map over Verruckt, due to it's basic and fun design. Well anyway, the pack is here for our enjoyment, and it is located here. Enjoy! :)

update map pack 2 pc
Jun 19, 09 3:09pm
Decent campaign. Decent multiplayer. CallOfDutyWorldAtWar
Frost blogged
May 27, 09 4:59am

Well, with Final Exams approaching for a large amount of us, many of us are beginning to stress out. So far, I have been pretty organized with my study schedule. I thought that I'd share.

My exams are on June 8-12. I began studying on May 10. A solid month should suffice.

Now, I first organized the order of difficulty that I'd be expecting on my final. For example, I'll write up a sample list:

1. Algebra
2. Science
3. Spanish
4. English
5. History

Since Algebra is a top priority of mine, I would obviously be spending more time with it than History.

A seven day schedule is imperative, because taking a day off can allow you to drastically forget information. Being so busy isn't fun, but it is important if you want satisfactory marks.

Some rest time can aid your studies greatly, so always give your self a day or two a week where your studying is more lenient. Personally, I would take the weekend to use these rest days.

Now, let's develop a solid schedule to follow.

I would recommend studying two classes per day for a minimum of an hour each day. Since you are starting early, you don't need to suffer sleepless nights of studying like crammers do.

Before you begin studying, analyze the amount of time you have to study, and what you must learn! Create a time line for each course with what you would like to accomplish. After all, what good is all of this if you don't know where to begin.

On Monday, take your two most imperative classes, and study them after you have completed all of your mandatory homework assignments. Start with your number one subject, and study away. Now, take a ten to fifteen minute break once you are finished to relax. Warning! Do not use the internet, watch television, or engage in other activities that have potential to distract you. Now tackle the other subject. When you are finished, the day is yours. Relax!

Now, continue this cycle and study the next two classes on your list on Tuesday through Friday depending on how many subjects you are covering. Personally, I would be studying hard from Monday through Wednesday, since I am reviewing five subjects. On Wednesday through Friday, I would study one class per day, but take an hour and a half per course (I would study my top courses during this time). During the weekend, I would study my lower-ranked classes during this time for only a half hour. The weekend would obviously be a more lenient study period. Taking these lenient days can do a lot of good by relieving stress.

When you get back to Monday, repeat the schedule. Please note that I put this into a sample perspective, and my idea of a study regiment is easily adjustable. By the time the Final Exams arrive, you should feel pretty prepared.

other school final exams high school
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Apr 12, 09 7:14am

When the heavily awaited Map Pack 1 downloadable content package was released for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 platforms on March 19, PC users were left confused. Treyarch, the developer of Call of Duty: World at War stated that the package would be released on the PC at a later date. Thankfully, that date has arrived. Call of Duty: World at War PC Patch 1.4 was released to PC users on April 10, free of charge.

The map pack contains four new maps. There are three multiplayer maps, and one new map for the extremely popular Nazi Zombie game mode. The new Nazi Zombie map called Verrückt! is a zombie-infested version of the multiplayer map Asylum. Treyarch brought a lot of new ideas to the table with this map. In the original Zombie map, the idea was very basic; kill zombies and stay alive. With Verrückt, Treyarch has added perk-a-cola machines, electroshock defense, and more weapons. To add to that, the perk-a-cola and electroshock defense revolves around a power system. When the round begins, the power is turned off, and none of the perk-a-cola or electroshock defenses work. You must work your way through the asylum to make your way to the power system and turn it on.

Perk-a-cola machines are self-explanatory, if you are familiar with the perk system present in the game's multiplayer. There are four perk machines spread throughout the map. They are, Speed Cola, also known as Sleight of Hand, which increases your reload time dramatically. Next, there is Double Tap Root Beer, which increases your rate of fire. Third, there is Quick Revive, which allows you to revive a downed player at a much quicker rate. Finally, there is Jugger-Nog, which increases your resistance against zombies, making you harder to become downed by the zombies.

The electroshock defenses scattered throughout the map produce electric fields that weaken the zombies, making them much easier to kill. Treyarch wanted this map to be very difficult, and that it is. Verrückt! requires a lot of teamwork and well-though-out strategy to survive.

The trailer for Verrückt! is available here via Machinima.

Although the wait was long, PC users should be grateful that they are receiving Map Pack 1 for free while console users are paying around $10.00 for it.

Call of Duty: World at War PC Patch 1.4 is available for download here

trainer card pokemon map pack 1 nazi zombies pc
Frost blogged
Apr 1, 09 4:10am

Today was a unique day in itself. School was average until 9th period. However, in first period, my teacher confessed that her mother was just diagnosed with breast cancer, which was very sad indeed. Anyway, in 9th period I was dismissed to a video conference along with several other schools throughout the country. The purpose of the conference was to present my school's service learning project that we carried out through a project called Stand Up! Speak Out! Lend a Hand! The project was created by Gerda Weissman Kline, a Holocaust survivor. After experiencing the unimaginable horrors of that fateful event in history, Kline made it her goal to make a difference. It was an honor to be a part of her difference in the world, even if my part was small. Unfortunately, Kline was not able to attend the video conference, due to waking up ill this morning. However, she will view the conference at a later time, and hopefully she will be touched.

other sarah plaing and tall holocaust survivors
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Mar 3, 09 4:08pm

Well, my school is opening up two hours late today due to snow and ice, so why not pass a little time by writing?

If you have been following the game C.O.R.E., then you will know that the release date for the game has been pushed from February 17, to March 17. If I am correct, that is the second delay for C.O.R.E.'s release. This is beginning to sound like Valve's Half-Life 2 which was released ages beyond its original release date. Do you think C.O.R.E. is going to be worth this wait, and our money, or is it just a lost cause?

I have noticed that the hype for the game has died down dramatically on websites like GameFAQS. I personally don't think it is a lost cause, because FPS games have done unexpectedly well in the past. Metroid Prime: Hunters was a hit; almost every DS owner that I knew played the game back in 2006. Even Call of Duty: World at War DS is still relatively active online. I was certain that COD would be a fluke.

Something different from C.O.R.E. and the other DS FPS games is that it is rated Mature. Metroid, Call of Duty 4, and World at War were all rated T. The Call of Duties were marked T on the DS, but M on the next gen consoles. I wonder what makes this game different? Is it obscene language? Excessive violence?

I am going to continue following the story of this game, and I invite you to tag along. Stay tuned for an update on C.O.R.E. in the near future.

ds core mature nintendo ds release date
Frost blogged
Feb 4, 09 1:28am

Before I got my iPod Touch, I was browsing the App Store on iTunes, when I saw that Ms. Pac-Man was an available App on the store. There is already a version of Ms. Pac-Man on the iTunes Store for the iPod Classic, and I wanted to see how this compared.


For Ms. Pac-Man, there are three difference control schemes. They are Swipe, Accelerometer, and D-Pad.

Swipe: This control scheme is definitely my favorite. At the bottom of the screen, there is a small joystick that resembles what you would use to control an arcade machine. To control Ms. Pac-Man, you slide your finger anywhere on the screen in the direction that you want Ms. Pac-Man to go. What I don’t like about the control scheme is that if you move your finger a little bit, it could totally mess you up, and have Ms. Pac-Man change directions, which could lead to you being eaten by a ghost. While this is frustrating, it is still better than the other control schemes in my opinion.

D-Pad: This controls scheme is pretty self-explanatory. There is a small d-pad at the bottom of your screen. It has four arrows on it, each pointing in a different direction. If you want to go in that direction, you press on the key. The problem here is that the d-pad is extremely small, and I am finding myself to always press the wrong arrow.

Accelerometer: This control scheme is a joke. To have Ms. Pac-Man navigate, you have to lean your iPod in that direction. So, if you want Ms. Pac-Man to go to the right, you have to lean your iPod to the right. I tried it, and it was fun for about nine seconds. It’s lame.

In the end, Swipe is the only control scheme that isn’t giving me much of a problem. It was difficult at first, but as time went on, it got easier and easier.

Game Modes:

The game has three different modes included. They are, easy, normal, and original. Easy makes the ghosts and Ms. Pac-Man move relatively slow, giving gamers an easy approach to learning how to play the game. Normal speeds things up a little bit, making it a bit harder. Original is the hardest mode, as it closely resembles the original arcade version of the game.


The graphics for this game are very impressive, almost exactly resembling the arcade version of the game. They are very crisp and clear, unlike some of Namco Museum’s versions of the game. As far as graphics go, I am impressed.


The sound sounds great as well. It is almost identical to the arcade sounds, just like with the graphics.


What I like:

-The game saves at the last level that you were at, and allows you to start at that level the next time you play. This is probably my favorite part about the game, because the regular version of Ms. Pac-Man doesn’t allow that.
-The graphics and sound are top notch.

What I don’t like:

-The control schemes are all a tad sketchy in a way.
-The game is pricey, being on sale at $6.99.


When it comes down to it, you are probably still pondering whether to buy the game or not. The game is pretty pricey, being on sale at $5.99. Luckily, iTunes released a demo for Pac-Man called Pac-Man Lite. It contains all of the control schemes and modes that Ms. Pac-Man does. The great thing is that it’s free, so you can experiment with the game and not spend a dime. The demo only contains the first maze of Pac-Man, so don’t mistake it with Ms. Pac-Man!
I like the game, and don’t find much to be desired other than more precise controls. The price is also a tad high, but if you are a huge fan of Pac-Man I advise you to try the demo first. If you like it, then give it a try. I can not warn you enough though, try the demo first. With this app, you are either going to love it, or hate it.

Ms. Pac-Man receives 7.5 out of 10.

other ipod touch ms pac-man pac-man pac-man lite
Frost blogged
Feb 1, 09 5:21am

A few days ago I ventured into the Neo Wiki Requests and Planning Forum and suggested a game series that I believed deserved a Neo Wiki. That series is Skate. To my surprise, there were a few people who were excited about the idea, including Synyster, the moderator of the Skate 2 forum. Redemption, the administrator of Neoseeker came into my topic, and asked this,
quote Redemption
Our strategy is to create a wiki if we feel like the community will help edit it. Do all the members who support this wiki think they can help out?
I immediately replied to his post saying yes. So did a few others. To my delight, the Wiki was created! It is located here, and needs any contributions that you are willing to make.

In other news, I received the Red Ring of Death Error last night. As disappointed and angry I was, I was relieved to find that my warranty is still active. It actually expires in about a week. The timing could not have been better! I will hopefully have it sent into Microsoft tomorrow, and be ready to get it back before my birthday, which is on February 12. Hopefully no more problems arise.

neoseeker related neo wiki red ring of death xbox 360

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