Brogeta Friction
Mar 7, 07 12:05am

Hello Friction. it has been A frikin' eternity since i've talked to you.

The Hero Hartmut Friction
Jan 14, 07 5:40am
Since you're a memebr of the RE4 forum, my mistress, Memory of Eileen (a lovely thing she is, too) has commanded me to sign your guestbook! Aren't you lucky?

The above is what my super-special-awesome-sexy mistress has done to you. If you're lucky, she might even talk to you, and then you shall know my joy.

Have a nice day.
supreme kai Friction
Jun 25, 06 1:09am
Hahahaaaa... Crazy *bleep*er!

I'm not being funny but your biography just made me cry, not in a bad way either

Heh... Here's my stamp, come back soon or I'll have to hunt you down:

Me like Nice Fraction

yamacha24 Friction
Jun 15, 06 8:12pm
Hi,Iwas interested on signing your guest book with my stamp.[URL=][/URL]
SS4Gogeta Friction
Apr 2, 06 4:00am
Is that Kringer from the He-Man series? My NeoNephew "Fresh Prince" likes Vida and I must say I like his stamp of her.

SSAxle480 Friction
Mar 6, 06 7:19am

It took me forever, but I finally made a stamp!
Feb 17, 06 7:58am

Vapour Snake Friction
Jan 15, 06 4:33am
Hay Happy Birthday. This is a perfect time to sign your guest book. Plus i also see you in the MGS3 Forums.

supreme kai Friction
Jan 14, 06 8:24pm
Sorry bout the other day on the RE4 forum, lol I just never use the TMP



From Kia

Cute Phantasy Friction
Dec 20, 05 11:16pm
Just wanted to sign you GB, you know christmas spirit and all :

You have been wished a Merry Christmas by
*Drum Roll*
~*Cute Phantasy*~
Dagnix Friction
Dec 16, 05 1:17pm
Might Be A Bit Early But I Might Forget To Sign Later On
So Make Sure You Have A Fantastic Christmas

Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays!
Hopefully You Wern't Banned And You Come Online To See This
Chobi Friction
Dec 7, 05 11:51pm
±±± Happy Holidays ±±±

« Chobo the Hobo»
Soiled_Angel Friction
Nov 24, 05 12:13am
Hey, thanks for signing my stepsister's GB (gameguinus1212). She appreciates it. Anyway nice Halloween stamp and I figured I'd drop over and say hi.

Ben85 Friction
Nov 19, 05 11:29pm

Your Profile is some funny shit
Fresh Prince Friction
Nov 7, 05 12:59am
Sup you still having sex ha ha have fun doing it dont forget to use trojanman ha ha

Heres my new stamp i made

Buddys all ways:
Brogeta Friction
Nov 1, 05 2:12am
Hehe thanks Old friend you have a Happy Hallowen to wish we could talk more


Scared ya Right Hahaha....
gameguinus12 Friction
Oct 28, 05 2:13am
You are funny! Met a woman the other day! Figured you might like her:

Anyway here is a stamp!

Sign my GB plz!

Ghetto Bird Friction
Oct 27, 05 1:10am
Lol. You are probably one of the most interesting neoseekers I have ever met. Your profile is hilarious. Well, good luck having sex with all the women you claim to have penetrated. Si ya around the forums.

Ghetto Bird
Elite Friction
Oct 17, 05 4:20pm
Everyone of your uninspiring posts makes me laugh. Heck, your profile had me falling off my chair in laughter. I must admit I was surprised that you thought you were 17, surely someone of this age would show some intelligence in the occasional post instead of preaching in the third narrative about how 'fayth' is needed. BTW, which isn't even a coherent word. When people 'lol' at your posts, they really are lolling AT your posts. Your thread entitled 'Most Annoying thing about Neoseeker' must have directed your attention to the fact that you are infact the most annoying thing on the internet. To bring this to a close I thought I would also bring up the question of why you deem it necessary to HIGHLIGHT RANDOM BITS OF YOUR POSTS for no apparent reason? I'm sure you will have a comical answer for me.

Try not to fail in life as much as you fail on Neoseeker. Although... that may be Gods plan for you.
Botan Friction
Oct 17, 05 7:53am
I just read your bio. xP *minus the sex life...* And well.. xD... Just dont go overboard with the ban record if you wish to stay on Neo... Even though you have a good idea when to draw the line. xD

Botan Friction
Oct 17, 05 6:55am
I like how you type. xD Like a talk show host, and you're always so optimistic! xD

Don't be too reckless though. They will ban you if you're not careful. xD

Still, I like your happy-go-lucky nature. xD

The5thAvocado Friction
Oct 13, 05 2:13am

This is my first stamp, but I don't plan on keeping it.
Fresh Prince Friction
Sep 28, 05 2:23am

Just Saying Hi

ChRisSy_1 Friction
Aug 27, 05 10:45pm
You are very "extra" here's a stamp i just googled coz it looked good.

where the *bleep* is wonka vision when you need it??

pm me sometime if u wanna talk or whatever
gamer_girl22 Friction
Aug 27, 05 4:14am
Hey, I see you around a lot in the forums, and I have been dying to sign ur guestbook...I know I give you shit sometimes, but all in the name of fun and humor, my man! LOL Anyway, here is my stamp:

PM me if you like, and see you around!