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Mar 10, 09 7:20pm

Order is late - First blog is a rant!

Man... (or gal)

Right now, my first blog post ever will be a rant.
I've never ever blogged in my life at all, but last night Twin_Master asked me to have a look at his.
Today I received an email about my newly ordered PC.

After those two events, I decided a vent was needed, so what better place then to blog it down on Neo? Here we go:

After weeks of altering the setup, watching prices, online shops and my own available funds I finally ordered a new PC after having this one for 5 years.
To great satisfaction I was within budget and I ordered it as soon as I got a green light from several people here on Neo and some other hardware sites. So happy as a little kid I ordered my new PC at the 23th of February.

Now, at the 10th or March we are well 2 weeks later and I receive an email that my graphics card is STILL not to be delivered. It's the best in it's current price/quality comparison, so I don't want another one.
I'm just really stumped. I'm so excited about finally getting a new PC and then this happens... I just needed to get this of my chest.

Expect more from me in the future, maybe on personal life, on Neo life or just nonsense batter... I don't know yet, but stay tuned.

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Redemption Mar 10, 09
What's the delay in the card, and which card is it?
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Freeze Mar 11, 09
The delay is that they don't know when the supplier will bring out the new batch of cards. They haven't been informed yet.

Card is the MSI n280GTX-t2d1g Super OC

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