I woke up at Winchester hospital armed with a machinegun. I killed mostly everyone exept for a few pigeons. No im just joking about the machinegun part.Im currently looking for a girlfriend,also!! Well actually not any more. Im in gr.10 to the extreme.
ACDC rocks!Friends: Sephero T
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(in no order) :D
Don't know what to include? Whatever comes to mind and whatever you want to tell others about yourself. Be natural, be funny, be creative, but most of all, be you


I like a lot of things! I like mostly video games(shooters are my favourite). I am a HUGE sports lover! My favourite hockey team is the Toronto Maple Leafs. I like some football,too. I don't like watching basketball but i do like playing it! I also like football.My favourite team in football is the Green Bay Packers!I have a Nes,Snes,sega genisis,playstation1 and X-box.My favourite game is Halo2.I like Sum 41 (i have all their CD's exept one)I really hate Linkin Park,Blink 182 and stupid bands like Billy Talent. fav colour:Green
Anyways hopefully i pass this english thing for high school i need a 75 to pass. good godfav band:Sum 41, KISS, ACDC, Guns n roses. Yoou know older rock liek that.
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Blast that little, where did she get too? Lamarr, come out of there.
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Review: NBA In The Zone 2000 - It's almost in the zone

Feb 9, 2005

Hey people i got a pretty good basket-ball game here..goes by the name of:NBA In the zone 2000.Now this was an ok game.The graphics and audio were average but this game was really fun!!You had a lot of modes to play like season,slamdunk...

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