Jesivis Fragment of Chaos
Mar 09, 08 1:57am
Hey I am on a signing spree and so I just thought I'd make sure to sign you as well. I know you wanted to help out with the Sims Neoportal and I am happy you did and all but sorry that things had to go the way they did. Well I got a name change afterall too it's no longer GameFreakACWW but The Rising Nebula now. So ok, well I gotta go now, sign me back, kk!

:.From your friend.:
jesswozere247 Fragment of Chaos
Sep 27, 07 4:06pm just goin round signin evry1's guest books who have posted on the mysims forum.

you've just been signed by jesswozere2007


Sakura Fragment of Chaos
Sep 23, 07 11:49pm
MySims is an awesome game, and awesome people post in that forum. I'm signing everyone's guestbook with a new stamp. I hope to continue to see you around!

Your an awesome addition to The Sims Neoportal! ^____^

Dragoon Vince Fragment of Chaos
Sep 18, 07 7:07pm

you've just been stamp'd by the frog of MySims. Congradulations!
Fluidity Fragment of Chaos
Oct 07, 06 11:19pm
I found your guestbook and I'm stamping it. Sign back. >=D

Thanx for the stamp dude I'll always use it.Thanks again
mega_dude Fragment of Chaos
May 17, 06 6:42am
Here is meine stamp all thanks to you:

Catch ya later man.
greedyfodder Fragment of Chaos
May 17, 06 6:16am
saw you in KH2 forum.

Stupid feild length: dgfodiusgbfjsggesjjgfashsdfn