Artirtico FourthBeat
Dec 24, 11 12:14pm
Aether FourthBeat
May 08, 11 1:26am

gamez expert FourthBeat
Dec 27, 10 4:10am
Hey there kyle, or is it jake ? Whichever it is, i have to thank you so much for everything this past year. Its truely been an emotional one with its ups and downs which you helped me get through. After everything you've done for me i'm sorry i havnt been in touch the past while but i hope we can get back to our good old chats soon ! In the meantime, i hope you've had a fantastic christmas and a great year to come

Vollando FourthBeat
Dec 24, 10 11:09pm

You mean so much to me that I quickly threw this together in about a minute on paint, just for you! Merry Christmas *Insert Name Here* your a great friend!
Artirtico FourthBeat
Dec 24, 10 10:48pm


Where have you been!? I suppose it's my fault running away to those pesky Uncharted and Koei Warrior forums xD I went to see OneRepublic and 30 Seconds To Mars this year (if I haven't already told you) = yay for me finally experiencing proper epic live music!

Hope you've had a great year amongst your busy periods and that you have an awesome Christmas! May 2011 turn out to be great for the both of us.
Samkuro FourthBeat
Dec 24, 10 12:39am

Happy Holidays
Heyy Kyle.. still weird calling ya Kyle and not Jake xD thank you for being there for me at the beginning of the year, and I have missed not talking to you for the last half of this year, but always know that I will always be your friend, and hopefully 2011 we will talk more, k? (: anyways have an awesome day and a happy new year.

from samkuro
gamez expert FourthBeat
Nov 01, 10 12:13am
Tis halloween so a spooky stamp is in order, enjoy
Samkuro FourthBeat
Feb 14, 10 2:21am

Happy Valentines Day, whether you are a friend or something more, this is just to let you know that you're a good friend, and I am just spreading the love to all my awesome friends xD
from SammyBoy
Dark Arcanine FourthBeat
Dec 26, 09 4:24am
Thanks for the Christmas stamping. Neoseeker is losing a bit of its festive spirit if you ask me, I can remember when loads of people stamped each other during different holidays. Anyway, hope you had a good one!

AyraCalaenlen FourthBeat
Dec 24, 09 4:12pm
I decided to give you your gift a different way this year ;3 I know it's a bit early, but I couldn't guarantee I'd have the time to get on later today or tomorrow so xD

MERRY CHRISTMAS BIG BROTHER ;3 You now have your own mini-me. Me asking you what your iPod looked like didn't give away too much, did it? x333

gamez expert FourthBeat
Dec 24, 09 1:07am
Hey, tis the festive season again so time for the christmas stamps, mery christmas

Also like to say thanks for hearing me out and everything lately, i think its helped
Samkuro FourthBeat
Jul 24, 09 9:26pm

Thankies for being a great neo friend
Hurricarno FourthBeat
Dec 24, 08 7:41pm

Hope you have a fun, exciting and trouble free tomorrow!
Artirtico FourthBeat
Dec 24, 08 6:35pm

And to get you in the Christmas mood – the best Christmas song ever!

Samkuro FourthBeat
Dec 23, 08 2:55pm

From Samkuro

gamez expert FourthBeat
Dec 15, 08 10:58pm
Its getting near christmas so i just spent the day making a festive stamp for the occasion, hope you like it. I'm stamping pretty much everyone i know so enjoy

King Chaz FourthBeat
Oct 14, 08 10:23pm
This one is the 1 day belated bday stamp.

Thats 2 presents there, one made from JiZZi and I and the other was some dud on google.

You are 17 yeah?

Well Happy Birthday Mr. Jake. I hope you have a great time.

This does mean you have to do something equally great for my birthday....

28th December


P.S. Thanks for deleting Stamp 1, I've found the preview button and putting it to good use. >.<
King Chaz FourthBeat
Oct 13, 08 9:41pm
You sir deserve a Stamp.

Even though I said I'll stamp you ages ago here it is finally.

Well what can I say, this guy is easily one of my closest current mates on Neo.

The guy who introduced me to AIM, because he's soooooo stubborn, and we've had some good chats.

Even though we've had some ups and downs you're a really cool guy.

Met you first when you came to my contest in Diamond and completely dominated the Tournament and look at you now you own 1 and a half contests, nice one and keep up the awesome judging, contest and most importantly spriting.

Stamp back!! =D


P.S. Markup failure on first try >_< I blame Americans and their missing 'u' in colour
Artirtico FourthBeat
Sep 03, 08 1:00am
Hiya! Hehe, I seem to be just following Samkuro around these guestbooks

Keep up the brilliant judging! And lets see some more of those sprites of yours! You can't have me getting any further ahead after all Thanks for the great (essay length ) PM's! and I look forward to good times

Oh and ta for the colour too - I love it

Samkuro FourthBeat
Sep 01, 08 4:55pm

A Stamp for your Guestbook
Have A Good Day ^__^
gamez expert FourthBeat
Aug 24, 08 1:11am
You have been a great help during this. I dont think i could of done it without you so heres a little thank you signing and stamp

Weavilax FourthBeat
Jul 29, 08 6:59am
Eh, what can I say, you're certainly an odd
fellow, I can't read you, and that's interesting, interesting things are cool...

I don't know whether I like you or dislike you...

Either way, I do believe I've stamped you good chap.

Scorpia Agent FourthBeat
Jul 25, 08 10:05am
Really, you can't escape from this stamp. It just pops up, screams, 'OHAI!!!' then is never seen again... Until I decide to spam elsewhere.


JiZZi FourthBeat
Jul 07, 08 9:07pm
Everyone loves kung fu fighting.. du da da da du du duuuuu.. Lol

Stamping for our 'secret' project..
Dark Arcanine FourthBeat
Apr 28, 08 4:13am
Okies here I am, about to make your guestbook 100% more awesome than it currently is. Thanks for being a long lost brother, a good friend and someone I look forward to having many a more chat with.

Enjoy your stampage!