*bleep*iin watttt umm whats an m83? im a bit confused lol plz explain thiisisis to meeee i like u u r cool i think i will give u sum cool pics i found,... if you want more ask meeee i got loads XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDxddxdwomwomwomwom


Tengu Fourth Dimension
Aug 25, 08 11:37pm
sup neo bro hope ur havin a kl time on dis site! stik aorund n if u need n e help juss ask ur bro!!

heer r sum fings i fort u mit lke

^i luk a bit like him irl lol lmao ^^^

Incidnia Fourth Dimension
Aug 6, 08 1:15am
hi i fink ur cool wow how awesome are guestbooks right they'll never get old amiirite i am rite lol!! btw i liek ur neohome das tite!! damn 125 character limit whooooo!!!! ^_________________________^

Deathman48 Fourth Dimension
Nov 27, 06 5:31am
> :mario:
> :mario:
> :mario:
> :mario:
BLinK0 Fourth Dimension
Jun 2, 06 1:46am
Hey I don't really know you, but I saw your thom yorke avatar and had to sign your guestbook man, I love radiohead! yeye I'm hoping I can see them live soon...
Glitzville Fourth Dimension
Jan 26, 06 11:56pm
I am EmmieGurl's sweet little slave, and loving it!

This signing has been brought to you by Glitzville, the sexy and annoying one.

I <3 My Master Emily!
JJBDude Fourth Dimension
Jan 25, 06 7:47am
Hihi there, you deserve to know that you are a great neoseeker and that we all share our love for you in our own way. You are what makes logging onto Neoseeker everyday a brilliant experience, you truly are a very special and unique individual. We love you ever so much <3.
lollipopz Fourth Dimension
Jan 15, 06 7:46pm

Hello. =3

January 8th, 2006: ! Today was the day that I FINALLY found out that gorgeous Deathy had won me, and that I was the most expensive slave in the auction, maybe in female neoseeker history! It was so great, all of my dreams came true when i found out.

January 9th, 2006: Today I updated (and it looks much MUCH better) my neohome in dedication of wonderful Deathy. Yay! Now I can show everyone how much I love him. I also made a photo for him, which i put in the neophoto-album.

January 10th 2005: Done more to my neohome now!! Looks much much more prettier now, almost like Deathy himself! Of course, nothing compares to him DEATHY RULES!!!!

January 11th - OMG!! GO TO MY NEOHOME!!! *lovelovelovelove* ^w^ I'm sad now because its like, almost halfway through the week and then I will no longer be a slave for him. My life will be over. I'm planning on commiting suicide. Anyway I shouldn't be worrying about that yet.

January 12th - omg Deathy is so hawt that i fought for him. Well not litrally fought, just missed Yunalookalikes PATHETIC ATTEMPT to prove that Summoner Supreme is better than Deathy. It hurts just even saying that. HOW COULD SHE?!? Deathy is king of all. May she rot in summoner supreme-loving hell. ;_;

January 13th - zOMG! FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!!!!!!!!! But its okay because I had Deathy around to protect me from any scary monsters e.g. U_Turn, so it was all good ^^ Anyway, I meant to put this in a few days ago, but was too busy thinking of Deathy to put it in. I been trying to spread the love for Deathy around. I HAVE ONE PIECE OF FAN ART! >> http://img436.imageshack.us/my.php?image=lolol9wl.jpg << By Shattered Silence. Just send me a PM anytime to send me more fan art, cuz I know how you all love him secretly! ^w^ <3

January 14th - Deathy was scarily nice to me today. Which shows how he is the greatest person on neoseeker EVER!! Other Than Crazy Daisy of course. =3 I heart him. And he is better than Slacker.

January 15th - I AM FREE TODAY SOMETIME! *cough* But thats not a good thing of course. >_>' In my heart, I know that I will love Deathy forever and always, and will cherise this last day together. ;_;

xpronic Fourth Dimension
Dec 21, 05 10:16pm
Merry Christmas & a happy new year!

Penguins forever! XD

Kjgmusic Fourth Dimension
Dec 13, 05 6:31am
Hey, it's great talking to you on MSN and RuneScape. I'm here well.. basically because you forced a link to signing your guestbook down my throat (amonst other things ).

Seeya around,
audacity Fourth Dimension
Nov 27, 05 6:48pm
Haven't signed this yet. Well, I did, but you deleted it. Anyway, been good talking to you. Cheers for sending me Weezer and Radiohead albums, it's appreciated. Speak to you later, ciao.
Deathman48 Fourth Dimension
Sep 24, 05 10:49pm
Lee | says:
*bleep*ING NO!!
Lee | says:
Wyness. ¬___________________________¬
Lee | says:
2-1 Hearts?
Out of the Cup. says:
Lee | says:
2-0 United
Out of the Cup. says:
*Bangs head off table*
19 Today ^^ says:
Calamity and success at the same time
Lee | says:
*Waves fists in air*
Dr Zoidberg Fourth Dimension
Jul 21, 05 7:13pm
Not gunna stamp you since I read your warning...

Anyways, See ya around the Forums and on Ventrilo!

Deathman48 Fourth Dimension
Jul 6, 05 9:26pm