Get it on the PC too Halo2 Xbox
Might as well.... Halo PC
I wanna go Old School Halo2 Xbox
I love Final Fantasy and RPGs FinalFantasyXIII PS3
IMO, better than Call of Duty: W@W CallOfDuty4ModernWarfare PS3
An OK racing game, I guess, just struck me as cheap ForzaMotorsport2 X360
Very, Very fun game, but WAAAYYY too short. Fable2 X360
Haven't played it yet. Lol. ACDCLiveRockBand PS2
Best game EVVEERRR Halo3 X360
Good game and all, just not that great of setlist. RockBand2 PS3
Very fun RPG and its for the 360. InfiniteUndiscovery X360
Great Game, just don't have time for it Fallout3 PC
IMO, better than 2. RockBand PS3
IMO, better than Rock Band 2 and love Band Play GuitarHeroWorldTour PS3

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