DarshD Fortitudo
Sep 03, 10 3:52pm
Hi, CTTR Champ. I thought you were a rude guy at first because you always criticize people but then I realized that you are actually trying to make me better at blogging/fan-art making/ commenting etc.

You aren't one of those friends that give false praise, but you are a true friend who try to make improvements in his friends.

Always be like this, CTTR. Your job in GTA forum is awesome. Especially about Epsilon Cult. Keep tracking the Epsilon Cult till Rockstar themselves answers us !

Don't hesitate to talk to (PM) me sometimes . I also play all the GTAs, Crash:Tag Team Racing, RE4,RE5 etc.


You always corner me like that kitten!

Take care, CTTR.
See you around !