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Jan 07, 14 12:48am

It's about time i played a PC Only game. Infact, it's about time i played any PC game. Yes, due to the fact I still need to upgrade my RAM and Processor and the fact that i refuse to set the textures to low am i only getting around 20-30 FPS but i don't care, I'm still playing it.

Let's just say that for a game that's only at version 0.1.1, it's not bad. Hit detection is way off which makes me accuse people of hacking as I'm blasting a godly amount of Rockets at them with Baby Panays Rocket Launcher for them to still walk free and unscathed through the carnage i just created.

I have a friend who i play it with and we're always doing what we dub 'deathraces' across mountains where we start from one destination and travel to another without any of our cars exploding. That's another thing, the vehicles, the health is odd as it never seems to go down if you crash into a tree at normal speed but if you're boosting and hit a tree or a wall or anything, your probably going TO DIE!

Boosting is great. Somehow managing to blow up your car but stay alive and fly is quite funny, just be sure to parachute back down before you hit the ground.

I hope that by the time Just Cause 2 Multiplayer reaches 0.3 like SAMP is, people will be able to start changing the rules and making more variety of game modes like Deathmatch servers, Racing servers, Roleplay servers and ZOMBIES, I WANT ZOMBIES! Although there are no zombie skins, one could use certain skins like they do for SAMP where the hobos are zombies.

JC2 MP was made by the same guys who made SAMP, right?

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Oct 26, 13 5:42pm

Hello Xbox, whats on sale? The new Burnout game with actual licensed cars and mods? I've been waiting for this since 2008. What's that Xbox, it isnt Burnout? It's Need For Speed? Oh...Ok then.

That's right. Need For Speed Most Wanted is on sale on the marketplace for £9.99 so i bought it. I'm a fan of Need For Speed and have owned them all apart from the two SHIFT's. Ever since Hot Pursuit in 2010, I slowly came to dislike it because of one reason. Is it Need For Speed or is it Burnout?

My only pet peeve with every NFS game from HP 2010 is that the turning is stupidly irritating. You either drift everywhere or you try and turn and it hardly does and both ways, you're almost cerain to smash into every barrier when cornering. I want my ABS like every other racing game.

You could get a supercar in 5 minutes if you know where to look because you dont buy them, you find them. Wow! So much effort into getting the best cars. I have to admit, finding all the cars and winning all the parts can take time. This will be a very time consuming game for once.

Throwback Time: I remember having no memory card for my PS2 and i bought my NFS:U2 for £12 at CeX when i was younger. I kept getting to Jackson Heights and getting that 4-door Nissan before turning off my PS2 because i panicked that it would overheat after an hour or two.

And that concludes this blog.

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Sep 30, 13 7:37pm

So, it's been a number of days since i made my last blog post. I've been itching to do this but i never got round to it.

GTA V, released on September 17th with the online releasing tomorrow. This game I've played around 50 hours or so and i still haven't reached 100%. The story was great and i have to say a brilliant improvement from GTA IV because it's not all "I'm in debt, i need money.", "Hey Niko, want to go bowling?" or "I am your girlfriend, I am a traitor.". The physics are hilarious. Pressing X + B or Square + Circle can give hours of fun. You can do such things like: Front flipping off a mountain, bailing onto someone whilst watching you both fall over and bailing onto someones car for them to stop the car so you can smash the shit out of it.

The stock market is a great feature, although i always seem to screw up. I go for Krapea, the lowest stock ever and invest about $1,000,000 and it rises in about 30 seconds giving me a couple grand profit then i decide to put all my $18,000,000 and it drops...Gutting. I still need to meet that random event guy who tells me to invest in Tinkle ASAP.

The three muskateers are a great mix. How anyone can hate any one of them, i don't know. Firstly, there's Michael De Santa (Formerly Michael Townley), an ex-bank robber retired after a botched heist in Ludendorff in North Yankton in 2004. After faking his death. changing his name and making a deal with an FiB man called Dave. Goes to live in Los Santos in a big house with his wife and two kids - Jimmy and Tracey, decides to go back to the way he was after he accidentally destroys a big time gangster's (Martin Madrazo) girlfriend's house so does a heist at a Jewellery store to get the money to get the house repaired, Franklin Clinton, the hood who decides he wants to go bigger after getting fired from his job as a fraudsters repo man and Trevor Phillips, Michael's best friend who last seen Michael during the North Yankton heist before Michael's apparent death. He starts hunting Michael down after Michael's heist at Vangelico's because he hears his famous line "You forget a thousand things every day, how about you make sure this is one of them?" on the TV when they do a report on the heist.

Meeting the Epsilon Cult and doing the stranger missions for them is fun but tedious. The amount of things I've had to do for them and the amount of money I've had to pay them is beyond annoying. Let's just say the cult isn't going to be around for much longer when i do my final task for them.

The collectables? There's many. The Submarine Parts for Abigail, the Spaceship parts for Omega and the Confession pieces for a murder which happened in the 70's if I'm correct.

I'm sorry i won't be touching on everything as this post will be very, very long and that will take a lot of time and effort that i could be using playing GTA V and if you don't have the game yet. You should get it. It's brilliant. If you thought GTA IV was bad, GTA V will get you to love GTA again oh and the online comes out tomorrow and that's enough to get anyone to buy it so get your crews together and get ready to own the streets of Los Santos and do heists. The online's going to have over 500 missions, right?

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Sep 07, 13 10:23pm

It was a nice day on August 30th. My family went to a barbeque at my dads friends house. Luckily, my friend didn't go to his dads so we were upstairs being the social rejects we were. With him playing on his PC and me playing on his laptop up to a point where he was like "I have Saints Row IV." My mouth dropped like a man in a cartoon after seeing some chick.
"What's it like?" I replied.
"I'll show you."
He was free roaming for a while telling me how you get super powers and how you have to hack shops to use them, he showed me some of the guns. I was amazed thinking to myself this game looks awesome. He let me start a new game and here comes the part where i talk about the game...Finally.

Saints Row IV. The Fourth and Final chapter in the Saints Row Quadrilogy or Saga. I got so bored of watching the cutscenes so i kept skipping them and the first mission didn't really feel like a Saints Row game at all, what were they thinking? Oh right, its taking the mick out of something already. Typical Saints Row. Whats that? When you get to the rocket by the end of the mission, whats that music? Is that...Aerosmith? It is, it is Aerosmith with their famous song "Dont Wanna Miss a Thing." which was used in Armageddon.

So, with the ridiculous first mission out of the way, lets start with numero dos. I picked the default character and made Nolan North my voice (Because who doesn't want Nolan North as the protagonist?), changed the compliment and taunt and away we went. Skipped the cutscene half way through because i just wanted to kick some ass. Swerving through it like a Call of Duty mission on Recruit almost dying a few times but i can handle it and using the AA gun in front of the white house to destroy the alien ship and almost kill the leader until he knocks you out and then rolls on the last mission i only partially completed.

You're back in Steelport. Waking up and walking down the stairs like some 40's or 50's cartoon. Munching on pancakes or waffles or whatever. Going to get the paper but instead getting into a car and meeting the people in Steelport. Going into Smiling Jacks to see everyone suddenly surge. With you shouting profanity and everyone turning against you suddenly. Looking, Watching. Like The Worlds End, you acknowledge the fact they're not human and they're watching you. You drive away and go to the park and kill cops and stuff until the guy that told you to meet the people of steelport is like the boss of the thing with what appears to be the same health as Prophet from Crysis would have if he had Maximum Armour on. After almost dying trying to blast him with a rocket launcher. I finally killed him. I then stopped playing due to wanting to buy it myself and not go too far already.

A few issues:
  1. TOO. MANY. QUICK. TIME. EVENTS. Some are fine, if they're well placed and well concealed. That's fine but there are too many here.
  1. This game is so cheesy. Cheesier than the packet of Wotsits i consumed earlier. Pulling out jokes or references from everything and anything out of their backside every 5 seconds. I know this is supposed to be over the top but come on. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon did it well with its 80's style of movies. This just over does it. Saints Row is not an episode of Family guy.
  1. Are they trying to make [Prototype 3]? They're sure going the right way towards it. The way you glide everywhere, the creature things the aliens have look like Brawlers. Volition, take note. SR4 DLC: Claws, Tendrils and Blades.
Other than that, Saints Row IV is a great game. I enjoyed the time i had playing it on a high end PC. Sadly that PC is only used to play War Thunder and sadly *sheds manly tear* No more Saints Row. If only they stuck to their roots.

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Sep 06, 13 11:27pm

Well, I finished Homefront. The Campaign is short but good nonetheless. I felt it getting progressively harder and i feel sorry for Connor. He was a dick, but a good one. He was a good leader, Although he never really cared about anyone. Boone dies. Connors reaction is "We have to go." You almost die. His reaction? You guessed it. "We have to keep moving." but when theres a ditch in a baseball field full of bodies, he goes mental. You're giving me mixed messages here Kaos. Does Connor care about people or not?

This actually gets me ready for Homefront 2. How will it play out? New part of America? New Protagonist? Old cast returning? Only time will tell. I hope Crytek will mention it soon. That or Timesplitters 4. My moneys on Homefront.

Tomorrow, Ill be posting about my experience with Saints Row IV on a PC.

Who uses PC's these days? Oh right, lots of people.

Protip: Never use IE on Xbox to make a blog post again.
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Sep 05, 13 8:55pm

Homefront. Made by Kaos Studios and published by the now Defunct THQ. You may (not) remember Kaos Studios as the guys who made Frontlines: Fuel of War (Great start there, Kaos Studios). The intro is about a few things. Kim Jong-il's death in 2011, Korean Missile tests & the reunion of North and South Korea in 2013, A war between Iran and Saudi Arabia in 2015 which devastates the global oil supply causing the cost of petrol rocketing up and social unrest in the U.S etc etc. Until 2027 when Korea has now taken over the U.S.

You play as Robert Jacobs some former U.S Marine Pilot who gets captured by the GKR and almost taken to a Labour Camp until a bunch of resistance people come to save you. Great, Could of helped me before i got INTO THE BUS! In the resistance is Connor, The ex-marine who needs to learn to take a chill pill. Rianna, Some expert hunter and Hopper a Korean - American Technical Expert. They recruit you so they can get fuel for something. Greedy Americans and their oil, eh?

I mean there are a few issues.
1.) You somehow survive in a bus crash when almost everyone else dies and then get up like nothing happened.
2.) The characters have the personality of a brick. If i wanted to have characters with the personality of a brick, I'd play with a brick.
3.) The game is extremely predictable considering its one of those Generic FPS games.
4.) The ammo is sparse, you can only hold about 90 more Assault Rifle rounds. That's around 120 altogether so you have to keep swapping weapons with the Koreans.

There's one thing that's different though.. At least we're not fighting Russians for the umpteenth time.

I cant tell you about the Multiplayer as they closed down the servers back when THQ went bankrupt.

I do enjoy the game to some degree. I'm going to enjoy Homefront 2 more now it's going to be made by Crytek. Thanks Crytek!

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Sep 05, 13 8:14pm

So, My introduction to my Blog. Well, I'm primarily going to criticize and praise a bunch of video games and see if anyone's going to be bothered in reading them. HA, fat chance! but it will give me a moment to actually pick off the things that i do like and don't like about the games i play. I'm not going to score them or anything. Anyway I'm going to start with my good friend, Homefront!

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