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May 30, 15 9:00am

My old PSU was failing so I decided to order a new PSU. The one I had chosen was an EVGA SuperNOVA NEX 650W 80PLUS Gold Certi

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Apr 7, 15 11:21am

I recently installed Windows 8.1 onto my 120GB Kingston Hyper-X Fury SSD but I've realised that Windows 8.1 isn't det

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Mar 15, 15 6:46pm

When I host a heist, nobody joins or when a group does join, there is always one who is incompetant so I need a heist group w

Jan 12, 15 10:55pm
I hate having to re-buy Premium and DLC or even LEVEL UP AGAIN just because I switched to PC. *cough* *cough* Battlefield 3.
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Oct 27, 14 12:28am

Most songs I listen to keep skipping to the end. Is this intentional or is it a bug?

Oct 24, 14 7:33pm
No news posted about San Andreas being re-released on Xbox 360 with 720p, an increased draw distance ans achievements?
Jul 13, 14 1:26pm
Being banned on PSN for 9 days over a parental takeover is ridiculous.
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Jun 28, 14 11:11am

Buying and Selling cars online to other users instead of just selling them to LSC? That would be brilliant and would turn a l

Jun 18, 14 7:09pm
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is an amazing prologue to The Phantom Pain and I'm actually excited for it now.
May 15, 14 5:38pm
Far Cry 4 has been announced by Ubisoft and said to be released on November 20th for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.
May 5, 14 1:18am
Defiance will be free-to-play come June 4th for PC and July 15th for PS3. A date is still TBA for Xbox 360 however.
Apr 24, 14 3:10pm
May's PS+ Instant Games. PS4:Stick It To The Man PS3: Puppeteer and Payday 2 PSVita: Muramasa Rebirth and Everybodys Golf
Apr 18, 14 12:35pm
Its funny how Sony wanted Titanfall on PSVita and not on PS4 before the deal with Microsoft was made.
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Feb 18, 14 12:59am

What do you think/hope will be included in this DLC? Will it be another filler DLC like the previous ones or will it be a maj

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Jan 19, 14 11:21am

What if the Saints Row games were getting more and more crazy because the main character is actually still in their coma from

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Jan 11, 14 1:21am

Me, being the terribly uncreative person i am, needs a name change so i am asking upon the community for help me come up with

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