Just got done doing a MMO quest where you have to do math it was fun.
Crazy day for me today a few block from my house their a hostage situation and one of criminals on the run scary stuff.

Areas Highgate (Town) The Grantori Vitalus The Dried Lake The Highgate Mines 1 The Highgate Mines 2 The Highgate

Any Means Necessary
I'm Chasing the Dragon
I'm getting Hype!

Is getting your guest book sign still a thing around here never understood the big deal about it kinda remind me of the kids and man or women childs on facebook that beg for likes..... Scratch that why am I posting this either I'm bored out of my mind or I'm desperately seeking attention too, either way I should probably leave the internet for a while and go read a book.
Rocking Out to Demons and Wizards! \m/ Because what else is better to do on my day off work.
A few split arrows and a fire trap is all I need to get going..

This forums needs more threads so I decided to make one. Mines is Fire Trap I like the visuals of it and I'm a pyro.

My profile needs more Rorschach.
Happy Birthday To Me......
Back on Neo I guess been a while and a lot change since I been gone, so how everyone doing?

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