gamez expert Forlork
Dec 16, 08 6:17am
Its getting near christmas so i just spent the day making a festive stamp for the occasion, hope you like it. I'm stamping pretty much everyone i know so enjoy

Crystal Creation Forlork
Oct 14, 07 3:57am
Stampage for you:

See you later.
Take care:
Crystal Creation Forlork
Jul 17, 07 4:02am
Lol, hey dude!
Sorry, I should have signed this sooner! Please accept my apology!
Anyways, i'm here, you're here, the Guestbook's here...


You're cool
And I hope
to Chat to you
Some more!

jobieonekanobie Forlork
Jul 07, 07 8:10am
hey whats up i guess ill create a new neopets account....since you signed my guestbook ill sign yours... so you live in texas?? thats where my uncle lives... see ya later.. bye!
BFury743 Forlork
Jul 05, 07 9:14pm
I'm just signing ur guest book cuz your cool and to say thanks for healping me. anyway what do you think about my new stamp uknown warrior is amazing he even got my back ground i wanted.

Hit me back sign my guest book.


Byakugan Vision Forlork
Jul 02, 07 4:32pm
Hey dude! Well, you're totally cool so i'm totally signing your Guestbook. Here:

Lol Ino is the best and you know it! >=]