Formerly known as Starfox10 or Star Fox. Yes, I could have kept that secret, but oh well. I was just getting tired of that name. If you want to read my real bio, use that profile, if you care enough about me. =]


Mmm.. anything that interests me! Music, games, having fun. Mostly music, which can apply to all of the above. I like Metal and Rock of all kinds, a smidgeon of rap, a healthy helping of Punk, Folk and Classical, J-Rock, everything basically. Except Country, Pop, and mainstream rap. Eugh, keep away.

Reading is also fun, as long as it's recreational. School reading, be damned. A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Twilight, Harry Potter, yes, those kiddy books. But fvkk you, I like them.

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Sean Pierre-Antoine

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