horsejo Foreal
May 31, 07 12:55am
Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hello!!



mettaur Foreal
Mar 12, 07 2:47am

Sign back when you can !
Early Bop Foreal
Oct 25, 06 4:42am
thank you for signing my guestbook,here is your stamp

i know,the stamp sucks,but i didn't put much time into it xD
Sosai X Foreal
Oct 17, 06 10:45pm

Gotta love your banner, it looks really good. Made it yourself? If not, uhh die?


Take care Foreal, I'll see you around.

timgta2002 Foreal
Oct 07, 06 12:54pm
I saw your post in what you miss doing as a child and had to sign your guestbook. I totally agree, the immense imagination we had when we were younger and now we sadly know better.
Stuy Foreal
Sep 30, 06 11:30pm
i have seen you around different forums, so i decided to sign your guestbook.

take care now, bye.
Gemini19 Foreal
Sep 29, 06 4:41am
Just thought I'd return the favor. Hopeypu like it, it's a little dated.

Captain Charisma Foreal
Sep 19, 06 6:10pm
<font size="1">Sup blood, wanna be the first person to sign your guestbook ya?

Glad you joined Neoseeker and I told you it gets addictive. Don't be a n00b and be safe yeah. RUDE!!!

Remeber keep playing the Banjo <img src="" border=0 vspace=2></font>