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Jul 29, 14 1:09pm

John Romero, one of the founders of id software (best known for games like Doom, Wolfenstein, Quake), has claimed that curren

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Jul 21, 14 7:42am

...are we just ignoring the whole Gaza conflict or what? maybe the reason for there being no talk of it here is some sort

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Jun 10, 14 5:25pm god bless the seco

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Apr 22, 14 10:52am

Ryan Giggs has been interim manager, but surely United will be looking to bring in a big name manager to replace Moyes. Klopp

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Apr 17, 14 5:58pm

use this to find what players share your birthdate. I

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Apr 15, 14 4:17pm

I haven't been using PS for all that long, so here's a few of the pieces I have done that didn't suck. If anyone

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Apr 12, 14 6:27pm

I don't get these kind of things, I've watched a few (out of curiousity) and they seem to me about as dull and redund

Jul 26, 13 10:02pm
Apr 13, 13 10:36pm
bye neo...
Nov 21, 12 1:46am
J <3
Oct 18, 12 5:08pm
well, that was shortlived
Sep 12, 12 1:08am
I can't believe the things you say...
Jul 8, 12 4:38pm
there you have it
Jun 28, 11 1:34am
sink into the sin
Apr 27, 11 12:55am
to be made of glass...
Apr 8, 11 1:16am
procrastination... be gone with thee!
Mar 26, 11 1:58am
Resi 4 remake? Hell yeah!
Jan 12, 11 8:17am
Nothing interesting here, seriously. Maybe I oughta do something about that...
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