John Romero, one of the founders of id software (best known for games like Doom, Wolfenstein, Quake), has claimed that curren

...are we just ignoring the whole Gaza conflict or what? maybe the reason for there being no talk of it here is some sort god bless the seco

Ryan Giggs has been interim manager, but surely United will be looking to bring in a big name manager to replace Moyes. Klopp

use this to find what players share your birthdate. I

I haven't been using PS for all that long, so here's a few of the pieces I have done that didn't suck. If anyone

I don't get these kind of things, I've watched a few (out of curiousity) and they seem to me about as dull and redund

well, that was shortlived
I can't believe the things you say...
there you have it
sink into the sin
to be made of glass...
procrastination... be gone with thee!
Resi 4 remake? Hell yeah!
Nothing interesting here, seriously. Maybe I oughta do something about that...
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