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Which Pokemon had you solo run with? 0 Jun 25, 2015
New Nintendo 3DS's Power Regarding GBA Virtual Console 1 Apr 09, 2015
Would you like to see at least one remaining unseen starter(s) in the next Super Smash Bros game? 12 Jan 04, 2015
Pokemon of Japan Heights and Weights 3 Dec 30, 2014
Do you want the remake of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and Black/White to feature walking Pokemon? 7 Nov 23, 2014
Which one of the Paper Mario games will first get a remake? 9 Nov 11, 2014
Elementwotts 0 Sep 30, 2014
How long until the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console is announced? 1 Sep 28, 2014
Do you think there are more anime than any other international cartoons? 4 Sep 03, 2014
Should there be an item/held item that will UNEVOLVE an already evolved Pokemon? 6 Aug 15, 2014
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Sonic Lost World comes to Steam on November 2nd, gotta go 60FPS fast 7 Oct 08, 2015
Super Meat Boy teased for Wii U, "Wii haven't forgotten about U" 6 Oct 07, 2015
Xbox One controllers will all soon be able to remap their buttons 9 Oct 06, 2015
The PlayStation 3 has been discontinued in New Zealand, once they're gone they're gone 9 Oct 05, 2015
The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes online multiplayer will be limited to regional gameplay 10 Oct 04, 2015
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam will support 18 different amiibo, granting special "cards" to use in battle 4 Oct 03, 2015
Super Meat Boy grinds away in October's free PlayStation Plus game offering 5 Oct 02, 2015
Super Mario Maker overtakes Pokémon in Japan according to this week's Media Create data 3 Oct 01, 2015
Mario Tennis Ultra Smash serves an ace November 20, Peach makes Toad look even tinier 3 Sep 30, 2015
BioWare Austin security specialist and Twitch streamer Claire Smith dead at 31 4 Sep 29, 2015
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