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Do you want the remake of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and Black/White to feature walking Pokemon? 7 Nov 23, 2014
Which one of the Paper Mario games will first get a remake? 8 Nov 11, 2014
Elementwotts 0 Sep 30, 2014
How long until the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console is announced? 1 Sep 28, 2014
Do you think there are more anime than any other international cartoons? 4 Sep 03, 2014
Should there be an item/held item that will UNEVOLVE an already evolved Pokemon? 6 Aug 15, 2014
What games are you looking forward to for the DS Virtual Console on the Wii U eShop? 0 Apr 05, 2014
Should Nintendo outside of Japan release a firmware update to Gates to Infinity so that players can choose their gender? 2 Apr 04, 2014
Are every video game companies (especially Nintendo) aware of Neoseeker forums? 6 Apr 01, 2014
Fakemon: Elementwotts 1 Mar 26, 2014
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See Red and Blue fight it out in new Halo 5 Guardians multiplayer beta teaser trailer 3 Dec 26, 2014
Capcom gets an Unreal Engine 4 assist for Street Fighter V 3 Dec 25, 2014
January's Games With Gold add Dark Dreams Don't Die to Xbox One, The Witcher II to Xbox 360 3 Dec 24, 2014
Far Cry 4 DLC 'Escape from Durgesh Prison' drops more single-player and co-op content in January 1 Dec 23, 2014
Grand Theft Auto V's online 'Heists' planned for early 2015, trailer teases some of over 20 missions 6 Dec 22, 2014
HA Gen 5 Starters will be available, IF we work together. (Players in Japan, your help will be needed) 25 Dec 21, 2014
Minecraft: Story Mode is Telltale's next episodic series, mixing 'new characters with familiar themes' 14 Dec 20, 2014
Square Enix unveils Mevius Final Fantasy, an iOS and Android RPG of numbered Final Fantasy quality 5 Dec 19, 2014
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 announced for 2016, first teaser image unveiled 3 Dec 18, 2014
Let the games begin! Wintersday arrives in Guild Wars 2 along with new dailies and outfit 6 Dec 17, 2014
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