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What Pokemon game(s) (including side series) do you think is underrated? 15 Oct 09, 2015
Which Pokemon had you solo run with? 0 Jun 25, 2015
New Nintendo 3DS's Power Regarding GBA Virtual Console 1 Apr 09, 2015
Would you like to see at least one remaining unseen starter(s) in the next Super Smash Bros game? 12 Jan 04, 2015
Pokemon of Japan Heights and Weights 3 Dec 30, 2014
Do you want the remake of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and Black/White to feature walking Pokemon? 7 Nov 23, 2014
Which one of the Paper Mario games will first get a remake? 9 Nov 11, 2014
Elementwotts 0 Sep 30, 2014
How long until the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console is announced? 1 Sep 28, 2014
Do you think there are more anime than any other international cartoons? 4 Sep 03, 2014
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Just Cause 3 to get 2.8GB patch on launch day 7 Nov 27, 2015
Amiibo display case and other Nintendo accessories coming to Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer in Japan 2 Nov 26, 2015
PlayStation 4 sales break 30 million worldwide, well on its way to 100 million 3 Nov 25, 2015
Mother 4 is "totally impossible" according to Shigesato Itoi as Ness hangs up his baseball cap 8 Nov 24, 2015
New Valkyria Chronicles PS4 game shifts the battlefield to an action RPG setting 10 Nov 23, 2015
PlayStation 4 will be getting PS2 emulation, Star Wars titles first to utilize the tech 28 Nov 22, 2015
Gold Mega Man amiibo will be a North America exclusive, works just like regular Mega Man 16 Nov 21, 2015
Darkest Dungeon crawls to PS4 and Vita in spring 2016, playable at PlayStation Experience 2 Nov 20, 2015
Overwatch expands its beta roster for the weekend in Americas and Europe 4 Nov 19, 2015
Rumor: Gold Mario amiibo could be losing its exclusive status in a future restock 4 Nov 18, 2015
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