Hello, FollowBoy. :3

    I made a new stamp so I'm just going around stamping people on my neofriend list, and you are one of them. ^___^

    Enjoy! ;D

you signed my very empty guestbook so...

your the 2nd person ever to be stamped by me!!!
Hi, Followboy. Just stopping by to sign the guestbook of my friend's Neo-husband. Namely, I mean your guestbook. Sorry I can't stamp this, but I will sign back later with one. Please sign back and add me to your friends list. See ya in the forums!
stop by to sign my neo-husband..your the best and i so happy to be you neo-wife and hope to contunue going stronger everyday, i will always sign up any rps you make
I never knew I was on your friend list! I'll add you to mine, and heres my stamp:

Honchkrow, YAY!

Sign you later.


signing formy neo bro