I am officially an achievement whore.
It's Spring!!!
Tomorrow's the Emilie Autumn concert. Finally.
Sucker Punch in 3 weeks. Oh yea.
My birthday is coming up! Yay!!!
I can't wait for Bulletstorm
Got my own Xbox360. Add my GamerTag- Fokking Kai
Hopefully getting my own Xbox360 this weekend. FINALLY!
Totally MURDERED that house!!! New Shotgun. Schisms beware. Onward to Silent Hill!!!! ~later SilentHillHomecoming PC
Dealing with the evil evil Shepherd house. Poor Alex SilentHillHomecoming PC
I love that little shotgun oh so much SilentHillHomecoming PC
uggghhh this game needs a LOT more health items SilentHillHomecoming PC
Out of the sewers and back in mainstreet Shephard's Glen! Poor Elle. How very very sad. Personally I could care less. But Alex cares. ;3 SilentHillHomecoming PC
Getting through the Sewers relatively easy. But not done yet so who knows how it'll go today!! SilentHillHomecoming PC
I finally own Condemned: Criminal origins & Condemned 2: Bloodshot!
Those Schisms are ridiculously hard with just an axe. And yet the Siam took 2 seconds with that shotgun. Strange. Into the sewers we go! SilentHillHomecoming PC

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