Final Blade Foamy_The_Squirrel
Feb 20, 08 5:44pm
Haven't seen you around or heard of you until Excalibur mentioned you. Anyway you seem very cool from what Excalibur have stated and hope to see you around the forums.
Like your avatar BTW, what anime is it from?

Oh and if you anything about me like how i act, don't believe them, ask Takininja its all lies lol
Excalibur Foamy_The_Squirrel
Dec 6, 07 6:39pm

the only thing more awesome than joining the Excalibur fangirl watching some squirrels making some foam D:...

Excalibur Foamy_The_Squirrel
Nov 8, 07 3:53am

sometimes i think you hide things from me or not willing to tell me what bothers you sometimes, i get worried about you.

I hope you tell me these things before i leave or something, i want you to smile, stay happy, cause talking to you calms me down, i dont want part of you to be hurt or sad.

Squirrels Rule. So do we. Sign or stamp back if you can ^^

A fellow Squirrel,
xporic Foamy_The_Squirrel
Aug 19, 07 3:15am
Thanks to your signature i'm here signing Here you go.

Please sign back if you have the time
dandy01 Foamy_The_Squirrel
Aug 9, 07 6:34pm

Oh! Weren't you the person who said they liked Doctor Who in the UK forum? Yeah, you were. Well I have just the stamp - let me fetch it a sec -

Eye candy... @__@
Excalibur Foamy_The_Squirrel
Aug 8, 07 7:16am
like omg in september i can call you Sailor Eleanor D:

Address in England pls .______.

yay and oh yeah, ill send soem bins : D
you wanna be buds
if soooooo sign me back rofl

we havent lived till weve met pain
well g2g now write back ciao
cya in the fourums
Hogan Foamy_The_Squirrel
Jul 28, 07 3:54am
It said sign my guestbook on your sig so here i am.


Lol, if you can maybe give me a signing back?

Up to you though
HilaryDuffGta Foamy_The_Squirrel
Jun 21, 07 4:42am
very cool screen name and i take it your a fan of

Well if you are then your very cool in my book and i dont have a stamp or nothing but i thought i'd still hit you up and say hello
Tool_Fan_06 Foamy_The_Squirrel
Jun 4, 07 1:59am

1) If white america told the truth for one day it's world would fall apart.

2) Do you have msn?

3) Sign back!
Excalibur Foamy_The_Squirrel
Apr 12, 07 2:41am

Excalibur: <3 XD....
...because your sig said so.

Well, sign back!
Gamer128 Foamy_The_Squirrel
Mar 28, 07 7:10am
Hey! Im just signing guestbooks from some people at the MS forums. See you at the fourms
U_Turn Foamy_The_Squirrel
Jan 12, 07 8:47am
Forever Friend!

Standing by,
All the way.
Here to help you through your day.

Holding you up,
When you are weak,
Helping you find what it is you seek.

Catching your tears,
When you cry.
Pulling you through when the tide is high.

Just being there,
Through thick and thin,
All just to say, you are my friend.

Final Fantasy Angel is the best mistress and friend anyone could ever have and I am proud to be her #1 love slave. All should bow down to her and worship her for she is the hot goddess of Neoseeker and the World!

Kokoro Foamy_The_Squirrel
Jan 9, 07 7:30am

You should meet the wonderful Death Kitten:
YoshiStar Foamy_The_Squirrel
Sep 4, 06 9:52pm
Hey! Thanks for signing. I didn't have time to sign earlier, so, sorry about that.

This is kinda an old stamp, but I hope you still like it!

Hope to talk to you later.

See ya 'round!

Hope you like the stamp^_^
kunaisheik Foamy_The_Squirrel
Sep 3, 06 12:24am

Hey, thanks for signing my Guestbook. I'm signing yours.
Netto Hikari Foamy_The_Squirrel
Sep 2, 06 11:35pm
Thanks for sighning, here's my only stamp.

See you around the forums^^
Maughanster Foamy_The_Squirrel
Sep 2, 06 11:24am
What up... You have offically been Signed back....

Unfourtinitly I lack a stamp....

I will stamp you back eventually....

Two for One... Isnt that great?

Riddle: There is somthing Odd about you.

Answer: Your age... Ok so that wasnt very good.
draconic_girl Foamy_The_Squirrel
Sep 2, 06 11:24am


You signed my gb so I'm signing yours:D
Lelia Foamy_The_Squirrel
Sep 1, 06 8:03am
I love Foamy He's awesome. Nice avatar too So....

Amy Foamy_The_Squirrel
Aug 30, 06 10:45pm
Thank you for adding Naruto into your Favourite Forums. I hope to see you participating there soon for a hopeful General Naruto forum! Here you are:

Declaring my Gaara obsession everywhere XD.
Fluidity Foamy_The_Squirrel
Aug 20, 06 8:41am
I'm on a signing spree all over, so here's my one of my stamps. Please sign back.