Hi everybody! I am in the process of starting some massive breeding projects. I generally breed a ton of eggs, check thei

Starting to organize my Pokemon into spreadsheets... Too much work!!
Just realized that my unused code for a Pokemon Event expired. :(

Offering 5/6IV Adamant Bunnelbys _Abilities: Huge Power | Pick Up | Cheeck Pouch_ _Gender: Female | Male_ 31/31/31/31

Looking for a 6IV Foreign Ditto. I would like to do Masuda method and start breeding for IVs/Egg moves.

I'm looking for the event Pokebank Celebi and XY Torchics. I was unfortunate and got XY when the torchic event had ended.

I'm looking for ANY Generation 6 events, including pokebank celebi and torchic, and i'm offering some events from my

Looking for Gen6 events!

I am looking for Gen6 pokemon. Wiling to trade any events from Gen4 or Gen5. Also offering shinies from Gen4 and Gen5 for the

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