speedbandit96 Fluidity
Jun 10, 13 8:34pm
hiya im new on here and im using a DS and dnt know how to operate this site
SMDeathwind Fluidity
Feb 17, 13 8:53am

Intoxication would also like me to tell you that you have two weeks off from making me dinner and all the house work because that's what raffle-won slaves are for.
jonathankwatson Fluidity
Jan 24, 13 10:25am
saw alot of the stuff you added to your gallery. great stuff, would love to talk with you occasionally. my screenname for yahoo is allenoftheblades. if your into RPing. i like to do that ... my wife loves your taste in art and games she is an rp'er too. Anubis_osiris86 is hers. if you dont know what that is .... should get into it ... Im into animal crossing as well.
Virtue Fluidity
Jul 15, 12 8:10pm
So, I hear signing guestbooks isn't the coolest thing to do anymore. I respect what's hip and new in the internet and all, but you're guestbook appears to be lacking in kitchen appliances. Nono, don't be modest! The least you can do is take this. As a premier artist, I do my best to invoke the creative spirit in practical objects. I expect my drawings to be somewhere in France (?) soon, so I offer you this:

Well that's that! I tried my best to copy this piece from our time at Staples (the romantic of all office supply stores *cough*.) But as you know, good art just can't be replicated. Ahh, I'm such a charmer.

See you tomorrow. <3
walnuts Fluidity
May 17, 12 9:56pm
Virtue Fluidity
Oct 1, 09 5:16am
Hey you. It feels so funny to be writing this from my old account. Like we said, this'll be the last time on it though, and there are a few things I've always wanted to say to you during quite a bit of the days/months, but never got the chance to.

Where can I even start off...for one. I wanna say thanks for well..showing me here. I may have stated how terrible it was, how I would've been better off without it. However I realize that that's not the case at all. I learned tons here, some are things that I'll carry for basically forever.

I wanna point out something.

Jimmy! I haven't signed your guestbook in a long time. I decided to stop by with a long entry considering you probably won't like my new stamp. =P

Anyway, let's see... thanks for joining Neoseeker like I asked. I can't believe it's been almost 5 months since you joined. By now, you probably know me better than Samantha does. *laughs* We're both different people when not in school. Oh, and if you fail that test, I'll kill you. >=(

Lol. Anyway, good luck with becoming a mod. I really want you to be one, and if you ever need any tips, please pm me. ^^
That was you from a long time ago. Haha, you dunno how much I blushed looking at that message the first time. Of course, I could never tell you that...shy cookie..

I'm not gonna go on too much, it's honestly difficult for me to write and look at all this stuff. But now I can finally say the most important thing here:

Once again, thank you for everything. From being there constantly to putting a smile on my face when I didn't know there was such thing. You've always meant the world to me.

I love you Katie, with all my heart.

Cheatergirl007 Fluidity
Oct 16, 08 11:03am
I FINALLY got my internet fixed!
You probably don't remember me...but I remember you!
I remember the good old days in the ACWW forum...the debate about ZL's moderation...the fight to keep the ACWW book open...good times, good times.

You were a gr8 mod!!!
We should chat again sometime

Marooned Chic Fluidity
Jun 26, 08 5:12am

Hello Friend!
Take Care!

Your friend, Refia.
ProudLoz Fluidity
May 11, 08 12:16am
I noticed how you told me back then that I never signed your guestbook and was sad about it. Well, I told you that I wanted it to mean something and I found something now. I can finally spell Mudkipz right. So now I give you the Pwrpluh Mudkipz. =)

Hope you like it hun. =)
Virtue Fluidity
Mar 24, 08 1:20am
Here are the two (I doubled the amount cause I'm cool like that.)easter cookies that I promised you.

Have a good Easter. And of course have an awesome spring break.
Dragon Fluidity
Mar 17, 08 1:34pm
You're still pretty hot.

luffyluffy Fluidity
Mar 7, 08 1:06am
New stamp finally >.>

You'll be good with some carrots >.>
Jesivis Fluidity
Feb 22, 08 11:35pm
I just thought I would drop by and say thanks for all that you have done for me. Fluidity your such a nice person and I'm glad that I was able to meet you and be your friend. I'm always happy to contribute to NeoSeeker in anyway such as submitting screenshots! And you being the one who gets to check them makes me even happier! =D

Your just way too nice to me you know that right? I was so super happy to get to change my name, it rocks so much, even though I wasn't able to get my first choice in Name but everything still worked out. Continue being so awesome Fluidity, and PM me sometime I love talking to my friend. XD

From your buddy,
Dragon Warrior1 Fluidity
Feb 19, 08 6:10pm
Congradulations #5! You win the alle xclusive pre-payed trip to...your own GUESTBOOK! and here, have a complimentary stamp!

Crystal Creation Fluidity
Feb 15, 08 7:32am
Ohi. Stampage for you, influenced by Valentines Day, some soda, and a damn good neo friend who's been there for most of my neo life; you.
Take care. All the best for the future. Glad to see it's already looking up for you:

Twisted Fluidity
Feb 10, 08 2:07am

You've just been stamped.
Dragon Fluidity
Jan 26, 08 2:57am
Now it will.

Happy new year.
DenniseA Fluidity
Jan 13, 08 12:57am

I forgot what day it is. ;_;

I lost track of the days since I was locked in a dungeon with nothing but a... a ... Den. xD

Happy [really late] holidays. (:

Enjoy Danny and Dougie from McFLY. ;D

Arietta Fluidity
Jan 5, 08 10:29pm
Hai Katee, sorry for signing late. I wanted to make a stamp to sign, but I didn't even make it D:.

Anyways, you are a very helpful and nice person. You are always around helping everyone, and you are SOOOO nice, that you are paying for mah name change =]. Thanks a bunch for everything you have done for me.

PitLine810 Fluidity
Jan 3, 08 4:43am
Now that I've joined the ranks of you mods, I figured it would be a good time to resume my noobish GB fight with you.


Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
Synthesis Fluidity
Jan 1, 08 7:05pm
Sorry for not getting the stamp in earlier for Christmas time, but I was able to get this stamp in for the New Years.

You know you want me.


~The Black Soldier (Synthesis if he gets around to it)
Onilink Fluidity
Dec 27, 07 5:38am

Happy holidays! Hopefully sometime when I'm not too busy maybe, just maybe, we can have a little chat.
Sakura Fluidity
Dec 26, 07 5:32pm
GB signing made me cry in all honesty. You know I'm too unstable for this site sweetie, so I can't come back (I was on now however to check if someone has come back home for the holidays). You know I love you to pieces and you will always be my beedrill eff eff. You know that whole being happy now thing? Yeah, err...I'm not. Life's pretty much trying to kill me, and I'm trying not to let it. Thanks so much for being my friend bebe. You know I love you to pieces. Maybe we'll talk again sometime...^^; Just know that I love you and you will always, always, always, always be like a sister to me.
Jesivis Fluidity
Dec 25, 07 5:57am

So as you can see I've managed to make sometime for neoseeker and with this time I've decided to spend it on you. I thought that because I haven't been on in quite a long time and because I haven't been able to talk to you I would like to now. Since it's so cold out and snowy in some parts of the world I would like to wish you a...

Merry Christmas!

I not only would like it if you had a great holiday but I hope you get everything you wanted. Please remember that I really care about you, want you safe, and am your friend. I have not forgotten our friendship.

gameboy613 Fluidity
Dec 25, 07 4:31am
Heh, you signed my guestbook over a year ago and I never returned the favor so instead I've come to wish you a happy holiday! This year's annual holiday stamp features Saber!

Hope you have a great holiday. Hope this wasn't too late XD

Yours truly, Gameboy