Fluidity shared a link from destructoid.com
May 12, 15 11:48pm

6 minutes ago - 10:15 PM on 05.12.2015 Associate Editor ...in Japan on August 27 Good lord, am I excited. Also, scared. Dragon Quest VIII is coming to Nintendo 3DS, which is potentially the best news ever or a harbinger of the apocalypse. You know, d...

May 11, 15 3:20pm
http://bit.ly/1J6vBHx Early graduation present ;)
May 08, 15 3:16pm
Hell on Earth achievements are all that remain. Let's gooo KillingFloor2 PC
Apr 15, 15 3:04pm
Killing Floor 2 early access next Tuesday! Hnnnnng can't wait. :DDD
Dec 08, 14 6:41pm
Ah, someone extended my n+ subscription. Thank you! ^.^
Dec 04, 14 11:14pm
The love being spread around Neo by means of gifting n+ is heartwarming. Thank you anonymous. ^_^
Nov 28, 14 2:29pm
God damn it Steam, I need this money to buy presents, not more games. :(
Sep 02, 14 12:29pm
Jun 12, 14 1:54pm
Steam sales... they're coming. http://bit.ly/1mNkWT9
Fluidity shared a news (@Avalith)
May 30, 14 12:29am

It's Dragon Quest VIII's tenth anniversary today, and what better way to celebrate than making it available for everyone to play once more? Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King is now available on iOS and Android devices, making good on Squ....

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