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Feb 14, 14 3:50am

_ Welcome to the Neoseeker Pokémon Online Recreation Weekend!_ What is this you may ask? This is a three-night gath

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Jan 03, 14 11:49pm

As many of you might have noticed, @Jeevs has stepped down from being a moderator in Battles. This thread is for thanking Je

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Oct 21, 13 2:42pm

Alright, yesterday, I partially dropped the bomb that Sticky Web was a new hazard that lowers Speed for the next switch-ins t

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Oct 09, 13 12:33am

Welcome...To what is soon to be the next Generation! _Woah woah woah, isn't it three days until X/Y are released?_

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Aug 30, 13 8:28pm

Welcome to the End of Gen V Tournament! http://i242.photobucket.com/albums/ff101/Sk1lls_Kill/EndofGenVTournamentbanner_zps4c

May 28, 13 2:37pm
West Coast State of Mind right now tbh...http://bit.ly/13176W5
Apr 25, 13 2:15am
Somewhere between complete uncertainty and at peace with myself
Dec 31, 12 5:20pm
Chris Cornell...Hi. :3
Sep 25, 12 4:54pm
Should've seen it glow...but everybody knows, that a broken heart is blind...that a broken heart is blind.


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