Hi guys. I'm still kinda new to changing the IV's. Plus I'm still setting things up. But I ensure you things will

I was wondering. As I am quite creative myself, is it worth buying this game in general? I'm leaning towards doing so


I'm starting this up since many people are doing it anyway. Please be patient with this service. My services; -

Just a question. Is anyone going to download it? I will in a minute. Want to see what it's all about, and it looks li

Okay. So I've got my hands on a shiny Competitive Dark Void Smeargle. Now I want to add endeavor to his moveset but I ha

I've seen some around on the forum. I really want one, but the ones who have him aren't online. I'd rather ge

I've been seeing a lot of "Memory Checked" things in the trading section. Then I've noticed that a lot

Florays' Cloning/Shop thread. http://i1226.photobucket.com/albums/ee401/Miashapiro/127cc90c-a249-4197-ae75-3946ab7

Hi guys. This is the list I'm offering for 5IV Kalos Pokémon. http://youtu.be/usPoug7NcZo I can offer all o

Alright guys since my birthday is coming up, I will wondertrade my precious Black / 2 Shinies away! The chance is pretty darn

After hearing you're able to get the shiny legendaries, and after my other AR kind of broke. ._.' I'm simply ge

Okay so my search hasn't been that great. I've encountered a lot of people who had one, but were pretty selfish in tr

I'm looking for an Adamant/Jolly Shiny 5/6 IV Kalos bred Mawile. Preferably with egg moves. These are the pok&e

So it says on Serebii.net that when the trial of pokébank ends, you will no longer be able to transfer pokémon

I was wondering if I should change anything to them. The items are taken care of. But I'm not sure what item should belon

Hi guys. I'm looking for a 5IV Shiny Cottonee, (Kalos Bred please.) I'm offering either a 5IV Shiny Blue Flab&a

I'm offering these pokémon to a fully competitive battle ready Talonflame. These aren't Kalos bred, but ha

Hi everyone! I'm holding a Give Away Raffle on the forum as a celebration that the Pokébank is finally worldw

Preferably all with their hidden ability. Because the pokemon I am offering are not Kalos bred, I am willing to go 2 :

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