Let me point this

I've seen the entire trading forum is full of requests of them. What's so special about then except that you have to

I'm aware there is no pentagon Mew, but if someone could hack it on I'd be so happy. (I have a thing for pentagons. I'm tryi

FT: Contrary Snivy offspring. Timid 5IV in their respective stats. 2 males available

I need to have a tradeback. If anyone could do this for me I'd be happy. ^^

I'm trying to find a sturdy Carbink for my Shedninja. (You're aware of what I"m going to do. Teehee.) I don&

Decided to make a thread for my Shinies. I've gotten pretty lucky to accomplish them. Some have egg moves, some don&

Hi guys. I hatched this little guy today and I"m currently sketching his last move. Which will be Dark Void. (Can be

I nearly squealed getting this guy, but then I found out he only had 2IV's. Which bummed me out. Decided to check his

Basically the same thread like on X and Y! You just post any shiny you caught/encountered or you post how long it's t

Hi guys! After 122 eggs, I finally got my freaking Shiny Magikarp! It's an Adamant nature. 5IV's missing sp attac

I can offer any megastones or BP items from ORAS.

Since I keep on getting more powersaved 6IV Legendaries I decided to make a complete thread. These Pokémon are POW

This is a restricted trade. Only a few people will be chosen to have either one of them. If I catch any clones I will r

If I could clone someone's Groudon from Omega Ruby, I'd be really glad! I'd appreciate if he was untouched. Do

If anyone is interested; don't hesitate to comment. Latios: Timid nature 6IV's Shiny Latias: (Nicknameable

Will offer a Shiny 6IV nicknameable Latias. (powersaved) from AS. Please comment asap.

I'm looking for a Dawn Stone. I'm willing to part with any of my megastones that you need. (Except for Latiasite or L

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