We're just looking for someone to play island games with and talk to and whatnot~! Just add my FC and I&

I know this an unusual post, but I'm in DESPERATE need of Deviantart points. If you have no idea what I'm talking a

I'm wonder trading over 50 shinies in return for all the generosity of this community and all the help everyone provided

As the title reads, I'm currently offering Lolly the Normal Tabby Cat (MOVING ON THE 20TH AS OF RIGHT NOW, OFFER AWAY!

So... Recently, in Italy, there's been a few hack leaks of the Shiny Forms of all the X and Y legendary Pokémon.

~Pretty much just looking for Offers!~ Don't care much about anything other than it being shiny, But you can include

Seems Diancie has finally fully revealed itself with this massive information drop, including pictures and more!~ "It

As the title reads, I'm looking for an ENGLISH Zapdos (Shiny or non) with Heat Wave and also a Preferably Timid nature. 4

I've got so much to die for.

Shiny Eelektross (6IV): Female, Lv. 100, Naughty, Levitate Shiny Whimsicott (5IV, -SpAtk): Male, Lv. 100, Impish, Pranks

As the title reads, Just looking for offers, really! Also I don't care much for IVs if it's the right Pokémo

Title says it all! I'm looking to complete my legendary collection, since I am just a few away~! >:3 ~Only offer what

I am currently trying to complete my task to obtain all legends, but I need alittle help to do so!~ Please only offer what I

Currently, I am rather close to finishing my Collection of Legends and I just need alittle help to finish it off!~ Only Offe

Shiny Jap Regigigas- Lv. 100, Jolly, Slow Start Shiny Regice- 6IV, Lv. 94, Calm, Clear Body Shiny Gardevoir w/stone- 5IV(31

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