Hello Bitch. I'm wasting space right now. I have to meet 125 charachters. Thought I would say hi. Still wasting space. Ah, here we go. 125 charachters. Bye.
Oh yeah, one more thing.

I will be expecting your Sig in my GB too lol.....yeah,,, I forgot to mention that lol

Yes, I deserve them..lol <cough>
Yup, another fan of your heroic act<???> in the GS:TLA forum!

I loved your comment on Yu yu hakusho, because it looks so like the 80s anime if you know what I mean.. and I couldnt dare tell that to my friends because they are...obsessed with them ^^;;

Anyway, I just loved how you think and act and you definitely deserve a signature from me, not that I'm great or anything...lol

Who cares, and I think I'm done yepping!

See ya around...

Always, SAI
Actaully, I'm not all that sure why I have so many signitures (you're the 99th), I don't know what I'm doing, but I'd better keep doing it .

Anyway your signiture has of course deserved a return from moi. You're one of the more intellegent and mature members of that forum and its great to see you posting, keep it up!

quote Flick is God
I was pleasantly surprised, though, to get a back-up from a Mod, LoL.
Surprised? I support the people that're right .

You deserve a signature from me, I have been watching you in the GS:TLA forum and you seem to be a nice guy! You handled the Sheba situation well, even when everyone was mocking you..You are also a very good RPer, so you definitly deserve my signature
Seconed to sign, cool.
Came by to say "awsome storylines in GS:TNA and nice job with managing Both Flick and Erickson for a while.(:
I feel it is a great honour of mine to be the first to sign your guestbook. There isn't much else to say but I hope you enjoy Golden Sun: The New Adventures.