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Jan 19, 09 2:58am

.::Fletchr's First Neo-Blog::.

Oh wow, this is new... XD Well, it's actually been here for quite a while now. This is actually my first time doing a blog post anywhere.

So now I'll generate something for people to discuss about.

One of my friends came back to Neo a few weeks back. I've been waiting for the day she'd return, since I know we've both had our differences here and there, but we're cool now. ^_^

So anyways, here's a question: How many of you have anticipated someone's return, whether it be in real life or here on Neo?

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Symphonic Abyss Jan 18, 09

Oh, and to reply to your question: Josh.
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Artificer Jan 18, 09
I didn't really anticipate Shana's return but it was nice to see when she came back.

Why am I on your friends list? YOU NEVER TALK TO ME.
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Fletchr Jan 18, 09
Doesn't mean anything... We can chat if you want. (Y)
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VulcanRaven Jan 18, 09
The real question is why aren't I on your friends list?
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Lukaeu Jan 18, 09
Fletchr himself, rough times.....
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