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Just an idea I saw on the internet before, a "would you rather" thread! (inb4 yaey) So, to start things off:

Oct 24, 14 11:51pm
Jesus it's been a while
Jul 31, 12 6:35pm
#EveryoneDiesInUtah #Polarities is amazing.
Dec 10, 11 3:21pm
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Sep 14, 11 2:38am

Title says it all. This has been going on since the release of the original Xbox, which was around the time that the PS2 was launched as well, which brings us to our Question of the Day:

Which would you prefer and why? (PS3 or Xbox 360)

Now here's my thoughts. I personally loooooooove the 360 because all I've ever owned was the Xbox line. I can say for a fact that it does suck when it comes to paying-to-play because it's either $20 per 3 months or $50 per year. I would recommend the yearly LIVE plan because it's not so expensive as the 3 month plan.

Which brings us to the PS3. You do NOT have to pay to play online which is, in my personal opinion, the only good thing about owning a PS3. The things that I hate about it are the graphics aren't as good as the 360s, customer support is horrible, and so is online support as well.

I really hate to cut this one short, but there really isn't much else to talk about on this particular blog, but I promise tomorrow's will be a lot better.

In the words of Steve Phillips,

"Peace, love, joy, and... SLEEP!"

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May 15, 11 12:43pm

There'd be more activity in town and there would be more things to do, which brings me to this question:

What would you want in a mall for your town?

Think about it. There are malls everywhere in the US, so why not where I live, El Dorado, Arkansas? Before I begin, note that I know there used to be a mall in town, Mellor Park Mall. I never considered that a mall even before it fell apart.


Malls are where every teenager from the age 13-18 want to be most of the time, especially during the weekends and the summer. There are some kids I know who go to a mall just to walk around (me) and check out what's in stores. My mom (especially) frequents Stage and other clothing stores usually to find her kids some new clothes, since we're always growing out of the ones we currently have. If I were to ever buy anything in a mall, it'd be shoes, because I'm constantly wearing my shoes out quicker than most people I know. Now I know that girls constantly buy shoes/high-heels/whatever because said shoes are "cute" or "adorable". I find shoes that both look cool and are comfortable at the same time; yes I even buy shoes from Payless because they don't just have bland shoes, their pricing is better than that of Journeys, Stage, and other shoe stores. Can't beat that.

Another thing I would like to rant about is cell phones. Nowadays I see kids my sister's age and younger with Blackberrys, iPhones, HTC phones and what not. When I was 12, (and younger) all I had was a Nintendo 64. I was even lucky to use my mom's cell phone (which I think at the time was the old Motorola RAZR) to talk to someone. Now kids my age and in high school, I could understand that you guys have smartphones and what not, but kids that haven't even completed JR high should not (in my opinion) have smartphones. I'm lucky enough to have a phone that was given to me free; though it may not be the one I want, it still makes phone calls and sends texts.

One more thing before I go, I want to rant about the new iPad 2. I swear they come out with something new every 3 months. What I don't understand is that why Apple won't make a touchscreen computer altogether. I remember when all they had was an iPod classic, Nano, and a shuffle. Then the iPod touch came out and everyone flipped out because it could do more than the other iPods could. Now the iPad has become "the iPod touch on steroids" and isn't really all that great in my opinion. All I can say is they should definitely make a touchscreen laptop/computer and be done with all this iPad crap.

Well this was a very well-done blog if I could say so myself.

In the words of Steve Phillips: "Peace, Love, Joy... and sleep!"

Mar 10, 11 1:52am
glad to see Neo is up and running again.
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Mar 8, 11 2:27pm

Well I suppose it's time to create my own little blog on Neo... again.

This time, it's fresh.

Yeeeeeeeeah soooooooooo...

Had a good week last week. Can't say it lasted long enough cause everyone's ready for the weekend, right? Even though I have no job (yet) I still look forward to Friday's, because all my high school friends can hang out and not have to worry about homework. Oh, and lemme put this out there: I have applied my tail off in town. I blame high school kids and their part-time jobs. :P

On another note, I've been trying really hard to sell some of my stuff on eldoark and so far, I've only gotten one phone call and that was only for like three things. I want to sell the whole shabang my friends. If you're looking for an original Xbox console (yes, not the 360) then CALL ME. It's priced at 180 at the moment, might have to knock it down a few. I'm keeping my N64 until it's value is in the thousands, which could take a while. A LONG while.

Anyways, this seems like a productive first blog. I'll leave you on a good note and don't forget to keep checking up for more blogs to come!


Patrick Alan Reames

Jan 15, 11 10:10am
soooooooo tired. Fixing to restart my laptop, and if that doesn't help, I'm gonna punch a dead baby.
Jul 17, 10 11:23pm
I wish I wasn't so bored... XD Gotta find something to do
Apr 3, 10 6:51am
is playing MW2
Feb 8, 10 12:35am
is waiting for the Super Bowl to be over so I can play MW2 :)
Jan 16, 10 10:15pm
Waiting for my dad to get off the Xbox... :(

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