We don`t know each other but I wanted to give you a stamp!

I hope to see you soon.
Have a pleasant Christmas, Yule, Hanukah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice or whatever will fill up my 125 character limit.

This is an "I'm sorry it took me so long to return the favor and sign your guestbook" stamp:

What's crackolatin' foo'?

Below is an early screenshot of SH5, in which a jewellry wearing urbanite begins to suspect that his television is sending him subliminal messages...

Sometimes, Mr. T felt that television shows really spoke to him on a personal level
hey! i have nothing clever to say so pull my finger!!

i haven't gotten through the game very well,it's very frustrating...so i shot it with my 12 gauge.but it's still awesome!!!

silent hill rulez!!!!!!!!!
Wassup. Thanks for signing my GB it was getting a bit dusty. Well Silent Hill 4 is a great game I don't care what anyone Say's, well actually I do, and if someone Say's it's bad, I don my red pyramid and run after them with a huge butcher knife.

Well enough about me you have an unusual way of displaying your posts, are you trying to hypnotise people or something, well chou for now.
hey, thanks for signing my guestbook.
I can assume that from your interests that you like katate(karate)
anyways tnx again, see ya around the forums.

Hi, so you like clock tower? me to... you like fighting games? me to... (My favorite) Your good at fighting with Xiaoyu (or however you spell it?). Me to! lol so what other games do you like?... anyways I have to go now......

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Dolls by http://takeoff.to/neopetsrefdesk</center>:SpyroPrincess~

We have guest books on the net how cool is that? Anyway just to say hi and keep posting. And now i have to make it uo to 125 characters.