Explosions Hurt Flashman41
May 22, 07 4:56am

Thanks for the stamp, man. Hmmm, anyways don't know what to say. The resizing of the GIF worked by the way, so I should thank you for that.

I'll see you around the forums, man.
zhaoyun770 Flashman41
May 22, 07 2:51am

Enjoy dude.. Thanks for the graphics.... Gracias amigo... Tu madre es muy sabroso.
Kim Hyde Flashman41
May 12, 07 1:33am

Thanks for all the help with the books. If I successfully complete my critique, it's all thanks to you.

Hope to you see you more around Loungin' since that's where we met!

Good day to you, kind Sir!
Daedric Prince Flashman41
Feb 07, 07 9:41pm
hey! hows it going? i thought i would sign your guestbook. so yeah. your a pretty cool guy, and you have been very helpful with my random questions and things.
zhaoyun770 Flashman41
Jan 23, 07 2:33pm
Well... I said I would stamp ye...

So enjoy!
Final Fantasy Angel Flashman41
Dec 20, 06 2:47am

No need to worry about the post! I didn't take offense in anyway! Here's a signing for your gb! I would stamp it but I can't right now, but I will when I have more time!
Happy Holidays to you and stay connected friend~~
Prime Hunter Flashman41
Dec 19, 06 10:07am
Yeah! You can join my band once you master the electric triangle!

Well, I dont have stamps but heres a little video of me anf the guitar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaKzN9J2VJA

anyways take care man.. flash.. man...