Hello. :3

Does Canada have a lot of snow like I do?
Thanks for signing.

I don't know what to say I've never spoke to you before. I guess i'll just PM you or something later. :coloured:

Enjoy this funny looking stamp...

And a Kiwi a day keeps Tim away! [/jk] Tim's cool, XD

.:: Stamped By Kia ::.
I stamped joo!

Muahaha! Take that =P It's Kiwilicious, xD


Thanks for being my neofriend! Happy Valentine's Day!!!
You seem like a nice fellow, so I've decided to grace your guestbook with my presence. Behold!

See you around.

See you in the forumz. Kiwis taste good, we must destroy the none believers!(aka Richie) Kidding. xD
i hope you dont mind me signing this ^-^
new stamp..its really weird. enjoy though.