CardCaptor Sakura Fkital
Dec 14, 08 8:45pm
Hello. :3

Does Canada have a lot of snow like I do?
Dramon Knight Fkital
Dec 10, 08 10:22am
Thanks for signing.

I don't know what to say I've never spoke to you before. I guess i'll just PM you or something later. :coloured:

CardCaptor Sakura Fkital
May 5, 08 10:41pm
Enjoy this funny looking stamp...

And a Kiwi a day keeps Tim away! [/jk] Tim's cool, XD

.:: Stamped By Kia ::.
CardCaptor Sakura Fkital
Mar 19, 08 9:38pm
I stamped joo!

Muahaha! Take that =P It's Kiwilicious, xD

F0x Fkital
Feb 14, 08 10:33pm

Thanks for being my neofriend! Happy Valentine's Day!!!
PitLine810 Fkital
Feb 5, 08 4:55am
You seem like a nice fellow, so I've decided to grace your guestbook with my presence. Behold!

See you around.
CardCaptor Sakura Fkital
Jan 30, 08 1:07am

See you in the forumz. Kiwis taste good, we must destroy the none believers!(aka Richie) Kidding. xD
Msld Fkital
Oct 28, 07 2:18am
i hope you dont mind me signing this ^-^
new stamp..its really weird. enjoy though.