I Am Steely Phil Firelight
Jan 10, 07 3:12am
You mean the world to me, Tiger.
To my beloved Kali,
Hurting you was such a mistake.
The last thing I'd ever want,
Is to upset my darling Rake.

You're my world,
My one and only.
Without you,
I'd be cold and lonely.

If you could only,
See my face.
You'd know I feel,
Like such a disgrace.

I'm down on my knees,
I'm begging to you.
Please find it in your heart,
To do what's true.

All your pain,
I wish was mine.
So please forgive me,
For this crime.

bad ass Firelight
Jan 08, 07 7:45am

Hiya! There's someone nice! I see you around so I thought I would post this to make your day! (Yes I am nice like that) so there you go!

Signed by bad ass <3/! (heart or exclamation mark depending on gender)

PS, signing back wouldnt hurt
Subsoul Firelight
Dec 25, 06 11:20am

latinoheat31 Firelight
Dec 24, 06 9:03am
Cheers alot dude for this stamp

TVI Firelight
Dec 19, 06 3:03am
Have a stamp for your troubles. Its not quite a christmas present, but it will have to do...

Have a good festive holiday period :-).
Sayyed Firelight
Oct 16, 06 2:41am
Hey I really like your sigs. There really nice. I also checked out your devian art thing. And you have some really nice pics!
So just signing. Sign back.

The Effekt Firelight
Sep 03, 06 3:05pm
Your Guestbook's SoxX0rz have been RoxX0red!

Goth_Raider Firelight
Aug 24, 06 9:23am
Thanks for the banner although I was hoping something slightly better but your work rocks anyways. Sorry for not signing earlier! But not I'm here, to stamp your guestbook.

Cheesy stamp I know =P
Tom Firelight
Aug 22, 06 11:32pm
I promised I would sign this. Thanks for making the letter X for my banner, mate. You really helped me there - my banner would be incomplete if it weren't for you. Thanks again, and see you around.
westy_1990 Firelight
Aug 19, 06 6:53pm
Thanks for accepting to do my request and doing such a fantastic job of it!
Here is the g.book signing as promised.

Believe The Hype Firelight
Jul 23, 06 6:02pm
Hey dude. Thanks again for making those GFXs for my GM Diary. The slideshow is awesome, the banner is great too. You really are a fantastic graphic maker. Good luck in GFX Divisions World Cup by the way. Anyway, stamp time!

Tko Firelight
Jul 18, 06 4:58am

Happy now?????????????????????????????????????????
Omceer 1701 Firelight
Jun 26, 06 11:09pm
I am on a signing spree and I chose you. Sign back or I will have to cut myself.

Iconic Firelight
Jun 12, 06 3:15pm

I thought I would bless you...

Ameeeeeerican Dreaaaaaaam
He's just a common man
Working hard with his hands
He's just a common man
Working hard for the man
Hey he's American Dream
Hey he's American Dream
If you are black or white*
Redneck bucket backs four wives*
Blew right through kaleidoscope*
Common man has got his gold
Hey he's American Dream
Hey he's American Dream
The American Dream
Yeah Yeah Yeah
The American Dream

Chokeslam Firelight
Jun 03, 06 9:52pm
Thanks for the amazing wallpaper, will stamp you, but I noticed they don't seem to be so popular these days, instead I give you a meaningful signing. 'Life is not black'. Don't know what that means, just came out of my head. But still that was way meaningful, here's another one. 'Don't do drugs!'

Believe The Hype Firelight
Jun 01, 06 4:06am
Hey Firelight. Just signing your G-Book to say thanks for the stamp you made me along with the TNW Hardcore Championship thing for my sig. Even if you didn't do the pics I requested its still awesome and you did it in like, 10 minutes As a matter of fact, here is the stamp you made...

Believe The Hype Firelight
May 16, 06 12:57pm
Thanks for making me the header and slideshow thing for my GM Diary PPV. I'll stamp ya G-Book in return as promised...

westy_1990 Firelight
May 14, 06 5:00am
Thanks for the perfect stamp you made for me.
Everyone is right before me that have said you are the best GFX maker ever on Neo.

Anyways, thanks.

619 Mysterio Firelight
May 14, 06 4:20am
I am signing Firelights GB just to say he is a great help and a good graphics maker.
MonkeyChicken100 Firelight
May 09, 06 2:35am
Hey! As you may know by now, I'm half monkey, half chicken. You make some top class banners which I don't have a clue about making. Nice one for my banner anyway,it's realy cool. Thanks again, Much appreciated. Don't really have a stamp but here's my one I ade just for you....

You have been stamped by MonkeyChicken

(how cool are you?!)
Kid Clutch Firelight
May 08, 06 7:14am
Thanks for the stamp, man. 'Preciate it.

Take care.
The Champ is Here Firelight
May 07, 06 6:28pm
Thx mate For The Awesome Banner I Love It i will definately use it thx heres ma stamp and you have been stamped by moi

Xtreme Pace Firelight
May 07, 06 4:36am
Thanks Firelight for the awesome Edge stamp. Anyways so you can bask in your own glory here is the Edge stamp that you made for me.

The Intesity Firelight
Apr 25, 06 4:13am
thanks for the tutorials and stuff thanks for everything with your tuts I learned about combining pics those squares how to brush and BG with 2 or more colors with more help on Storm NTG and packet boy I just want to say thanks a lot and of course that 3 x border
Extreme Saiyan Power Firelight
Apr 23, 06 3:35am
Thanks for making Eddie's Guerreos banner. I'll find a stamp later but for now, gracias man. Your a good guy man. Viva la Raza!!!!!!!!!!!!!